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Welcome to our store. Planning a snorkeling adventure is exciting but can quickly turn frustrating if you are trying to find real, detailed information from snorkelers who have actually been there. We know. We are always planning snorkeling trips, and constantly desire to find better snorkeling information.

Lucky you, you have found it. We (Galen & Nicole) are snorkeling authors on a mission to provide you with exceptional snorkeling destination information, so you can easily plan the best snorkeling adventures of your life. In addition to our eBook guides below, we also write the most popular snorkeling website,

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Hawaiian Islands

Caribbean & Bermuda

We used both of these guides (Bonaire & Maui) and they were incredible!! The directions to the best spots are so precise there is no way you can get lost or miss them!!  Then once you get to the beach knowing exactly where to snorkel is so great!!  We really love your guide books!! They take a lot of guess work out of where to go and saves you precious snorkeling time on vacation. We too love to snorkel (that's pretty much all we do on vacation) and have been to many Caribbean Islands and Mexico, however your guide books made Bonaire and Maui our favorite trips!! - Patti 

...thanks so much for everything you've created here. Your books make our snorkeling vacations so much better. - Matt

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By the way, I really enjoy your guides. This is my second one (Maui), my first was the big island guide. I find them to be a great source of accurate and easy to understand information with easy to follow directions. Thanks for putting out such a great e-book. - Seth

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Galen and Nicole are avid snorkelers and authors on a mission to improve the quality of information available for snorkelers, and to help everyone have the most memorable adventures of their lives.

We currently have eight popular eBook snorkeling guides published, and are the webmasters of one of the most popular snorkeling websites since 2006.