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From Folks Who've Been There

Snorkelers Galen & Nicole

Hi. We are Galen & Nicole, a married couple who love snorkeling so much that we take several trips a year exploring the best snorkel spots the world has to offer.

Really, could there be anything more luscious in life than floating on warm salty waters and watching the beautiful sea life below flow by?

Having Trouble Finding Good
Snorkeling Information?

No Diving

We get frustrated searching for the best snorkel spots when planning a trip. The information available for snorkelers just isn't satisfying. Websites and travel books only give a few sentences that don't tell us what we want to know; or they are trying to sell us something, like a boat trip. And much of it is focused on diving (with the term snorkeling thrown in), which is useless.

Frankly it drives us nuts. We crave better information, like:

  • Where are the most stunning snorkel destinations in the world?
  • Once at a destination, where are the best spots?
  • How about good driving directions?
  • What's the water entrance like, rocky or sandy?
  • Where do I swim to find the good stuff, and what can I expect to see?
  • What about currents or other dangers?
  • Where are the pictures, above and below water?

Real, Detailed Information, By Snorkelers

Snorkeling with coral and fish

So we threw in the towel, and decided we'd just have to do it ourselves. Travel to the world's most beautiful tropical paradises, snorkel the most alive reefs, snapping pictures of gorgeous colorful fish, and then share it all with you here. We give you as many details and pictures as we can, so that you can easily plan the best snorkeling adventures of your life. It's a tough job.

Beyond Destinations Plus A Social Community

Queen Angelfish

So, you know where your next trip is, but that's just the beginning of your questions. What type of sunscreen is best? What about that leaky mask? You wonder about how to know if you are in a current. There's much more than destination information here.

What we can't answer, someone from our website community likely can. And after you get back, join in, brag about your adventures and help answer questions.

If You Answer Yes To Any Of The Following,
You'll Fit Right In Here

  1. When someone says the word "vacation", does a little puppy in your head say "SNORKELING?"
  2. When you're stressed out, do you go snorkeling in your mind?
  3. Are you pretty sure that the next time a diver asks you "why don't you dive", you might just snap?

Truth is, we have a long way to go, and lots of the world to snorkel. But we are off to a good start. Explore it with us.

Start Planning Your Next Snorkel Trip

Explore the destinations that we have visited below. For locations with lots of shore or beach access (free snorkeling), we provide a general overview, some suggested spots, and a highly detailed eBook guide that you can take with you. For destinations where the locations are accessed by boat, where an eBook guide would not be as useful, we make everything we know available on this website.

Coral Triangle - Indonesia

Hawaiian Islands

Caribbean & Bermuda

More USA Locations

Indian Ocean

Explore Our eBook Store

For many of the locations we have snorkeled we have written PDF eBook guides that are available in our book store. These well reviewed guides offer you the most detailed information available for a location. The most common complaint we have heard about our eBooks is that we don't have more of them... We're working on it:)

Magical Moments

Life changing snorkeling experiences, wow moments, laughing so hard in our snorkels that our masks leak, that is what these experiences did for us. Check them out.

Equipment Tips From Experience

Have you ever had a leaky mask? No? It's miserable! Or gotten blisters from fins that don't fit? Or suddenly realized your electronic rental car keys are in your pocket, after you got in the water? Ouch! And did you know that waterproof sunscreen, really isn't?

We have experienced all of that and more, and know that good equipment makes a huge difference in our enjoyment. So read our highly detailed equipment tips. Even experienced snorkelers will likely learn a thing or two. Click the equipment home below to see all our equipment pages.

Underwater Camera Buying Tips

Want to bring home some beautiful underwater pictures from your next trip? It is really not as hard or expensive as it may seem. Small digital cameras just keep getting better, and cheaper, unless you keep buying new ones, like us. We take thousands of pictures underwater each trip and share with you some buying tips in the pages below.

Important Snorkeling Tips & Safety

We see news of a snorkeling death at least once a week. The ocean is a powerful moving thing that deserves great respect. To snorkel safely you need to learn some basic skills, gain experience, and evaluate each situation in the moment yourself.

Beginners will find our first time and how to pages useful.

Everyone will learn something from our pages about judging ocean conditions.