Outstanding Caribbean Snorkeling Trips

Guided Snorkel Travel to the Best Locations in the Caribbean

A healthy soft and hard coral reef with fish that you could see on one of these Caribbean snorkeling trips.

Are you searching for Caribbean snorkeling trips? Well, your search is over! Some Caribbean destinations offer great snorkeling opportunities, and the trips on this page will take you to the best locations with healthy reefs full of big soft coral sea rods and sea fans, hard corals, and a nice variety and size range of fish and other creatures.

Come home with beautiful memories and lifelong new friends. These group snorkel vacations are arranged and led by a tour company owned by friends of ours (we are just promoting them, not running them). We join some of these trips ourselves. We wish we could go on all of them!

  • Professionally Guided – Effortless Planning and Travel
  • World’s Best Snorkeling Destinations – See the Last Remaining Reefs Full of Life
  • Snorkelers Only – 100% Focused on Snorkeling Spots (Not Diving), and Friendly Camaraderie

Caribbean Snorkeling Trips

World map with Caribbean Sea highlighted

The Caribbean Sea encompasses a large geographical area and has many countries, islands, atolls, and a massive barrier reef. It is in the western part of the Atlantic Ocean, with Mexico and Central America on the western and southwestern borders, the Greater Antilles Islands forming the northern border, the Lesser Antilles forming the eastern border, and the north coast of South America forming the southern border.

The Caribbean offers some wonderful snorkeling opportunities in selected areas that are still very healthy. Our trips partner has created these Caribbean snorkeling trips to get folks like you to the best snorkeling locations in the area. Trips can be based at resorts, or on liveaboard yachts. We have more information down the page about the benefits of group snorkeling trips from resorts and liveaboards. Below are the current Caribbean snorkeling trips on offer.

Dominican Republic Humpback Whale Encounter by Liveaboard

Humpback whales with snorkelers in Dominican Republic.

Nothing is like the experience of snorkeling with 50 foot (15 meter) long humpback whales. Your snorkeling group will cruise on a comfortable liveaboard yacht to the Silver Bank Marine Sanctuary, just north of the Dominican Republic. Here the humpbacks gather for winter, to breed, rear their calves, relax and socialize. You will watch incredible displays of breaching, lob tailing, spy hopping, and fin and tail slap, from a safe distance in a boat, and you will also have lots of opportunity to snorkel close to curious whales, mother and calves, and other solitary whales. Learn all about this trip and how to join here.

Belize Liveaboard – Glover’s Reef and Turneffe Atolls

Belize Aggressor IV snorkeling liveaboard

Explore the incredible outer atolls of Belize, on this seven day liveaboard snorkeling adventure aboard the Aggressor IV. Glover’s Reef and Turneffe Atolls offer some of the healthiest remaining reefs in the Caribbean, with a great variety of soft and hard corals, colorful sponges, and abundant fish life. Your luxury private yacht will take you to three to four different snorkel spots each day, and will pamper you with service and all inclusive delicious meals. Learn more about this exciting trip here.

Belize Snorkeling Freediving Workshop on a Liveaboard

This unique trip will improve your shallow freediving skills, while exploring the beautiful reefs of Belize. You will be staying aboard the Belize Aggressor IV liveaboard yacht for this week-long journey. Your trip will be guided by an accomplished freediving instructor, who will help you get better at your shallow freedives and teach you about what is safe and what is not. Learn more about this educational trip and inquire with the organizers here.

Belize Turneffe Island Resort

Colorful sponges and soft corals seen while snorkeling in Belize

Explore the beautiful reefs of Belize, from the luxury of the stunning Turneffe Island Resort, on Turneffe Atoll. Twice a day your guided snorkeling group will take boat rides to close-by reefs in ideal depths to see the lush soft corals, colorful sponges, and schools of tropical fish that inhabit the second longest barrier reef in the world. On this nine day trip, you will also get to snorkel the famous Great Blue Hole of Belize, and see some Mayan ruins. Learn more about this exciting trip here.

Belize Resort Snorkeling and Freediving Workshop

Snorkeler freediving for a picture in Belize.

Spend 9 days at the beautiful Turneffe Island Resort in Belize, snorkeling the beautiful local reefs, while also learning shallow freediving skills from a world renowned freediving instructor. After this trip you will be much more skilled at safely diving down to 15 feet (5m), which will enable you to get closer to sea life, and take better pictures. Twice a day you will be taken out by boat to explore the reefs of Belize. Learn all about this trip and workshop here.

Cuba Liveaboard – Gardens of the Queen

American Saltwater Crocodile with snorkelers in Cuba

Explore the healthiest reefs in the Caribbean on this week-long liveaboard trip to Cuba. Jardines de la Reina (Gardens of the Queen) National Park is the largest protected marine park in the Caribbean and is home to hard and soft coral reefs, mangrove nurseries, large pelagics like Silky Sharks, and the American Saltwater Crocodile, to mention a few. This tour is designed to be educational with evening presentations by Cuban marine biologists. You will snorkel four times per day seeing the best the park has to offer including supervised encounters with sharks and crocodiles, if you wish. Get all the details and learn how to sign up here.

Other Snorkeling Trips

If you are interested in snorkeling vacations to other parts of the world, like the Coral Triangle, Indonesia, Pacific Islands, Mexico, or the Red Sea in Egypt, check out our main snorkeling trips page. If you want to know when new snorkeling trips are released, sign up for our newsletter.

What Are These Caribbean Snorkeling Trips Like?

We are always looking to bring you exciting trips to some of the best places on earth, like the Caribbean snorkeling trips above. Many of our readers have experienced the best snorkeling holidays of their lives on these trips. If you have never gone on one of these trips you can get a general idea of some of the types of adventures we like to share below.

Liveaboard Snorkeling Trips
There is a world of difference going on liveaboard trips designed for snorkelers, instead of a mixed boat with divers, because most of the time the boat is really focused on the divers, the reefs are too deep, and snorkelers are sometimes treated like second class citizens! On a snorkeler only boat, every spot you visit, from remote atolls to barrier reefs, has shallow snorkeling at perfect depths. And instead of being limited to only an hour on the water because of diving schedules, you normally spend and hour and a half to two hours at each spot.

Snorkeling liveaboard yacht and smaller tender boat

And being able to be immersed in snorkeling two or three times a day, in a different amazing spot each time, for a week or two, is really a great way to explore the ocean. You get to see so many different ecosystems and types of fish and coral reefs. It’s a very different experience than snorkeling tours that go out for a few hours in popular tourist areas. These are more like snorkeling expeditions.

These types of snorkel trips are full service, where your food is prepared for you, your rooms are taken care of, and all you have to do is get in the water, rinse and repeat.

Group of snorkelers floating in the ocean
Resort snorkeling beach with white sand and palm trees

Resort Snorkeling Trips
There are also resorts with beautiful house reefs for snorkeling and small boats that can take you to wonderful nearby snorkeling reefs. You can choose whether you want to venture out or stay close each day. The best resorts are usually remote and include some meals with your stay. These spots make for great Caribbean snorkeling trips.

Snorkeling programs like these are hard to find though. But we have a fantastic partner we work with who creates these types of adventures.