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This is the place for all of our site visitors (you) to share favorite snorkeling stories, location tips, pictures and more. It’s also the spot to ask your questions and contribute answers.

Hundreds of snorkeling community posts and questions have been shared here, so it is also a good place to find snorkeling information on locations, equipment, and many other interesting topics.

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Here You Can:

  • Ask questions on snorkeling related topics.
  • Contribute your fun snorkeling stories, trip reports, tips, and pictures.
  • Find answers by reading contributions from others.
  • Leave useful comments and answers.
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Guidelines for Sharing Snorkeling Community Posts and Asking Questions

The form to share and/or ask is below, but please read these guidelines first. We personally review and edit all snorkeling community posts and comments before they are published to keep the quality of information high, on topic, organized, and spam free.

What Type of Story or Question Will We Post?

  • Useful, helpful, and/or new information – will it help a snorkeler? If there is an older post on the same subject, please use the form below to share your story/question, instead of commenting on an old thread.
  • Entertaining stories – did something interesting happen?
  • On topic – try to keep your posts about one snorkeling related topic – so no resort or restaurant reviews.
  • New questions that are snorkeling specific that have not been answered recently on this website. First browse the categories above and their snorkeling community posts, the pages in the navigation at the top of this page, and use the search bar.

What Won’t We Post?

  • Very general “Where should I go snorkeling next?” questions
  • Paid guest writers – we only post freely shared stories from our snorkeling community members
  • Website links to companies, services, or products – with a few exceptions

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