Snorkeling Travel Tips

Snorkeling Travel Tips

These snorkeling travel tips are all about safely getting from your home to your snorkeling destination and back, with all your snorkel gear, as comfortably as you can. While the rest of this site is primarily focused on snorkeling destinations and gear, these tips are about the actual traveling, with tips on luggage, how to pack your snorkel gear, other travel gear we love, trip insurance that actually covers snorkelers, and improving your comfort on planes and in airports and hotels.

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Favorite Travel Gear – Snorkeling Travel Tips

Check out our favorite travel gear page for tips on what lightweight luggage we love for our travels. We also share a number of products that make our travel time more comfortable, from some electronics, to silicone bottles for our toiletries kit, to our favorite neck pillows. You are bound to find one of our snorkeling travel tips helpful.

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Packing for a Snorkeling Trip

This page has piles of snorkeling travel tips if you need help packing for a snorkeling trip. We share how we pack our snorkel gear, what goes in our carry-on and what goes in our checked bag. We give tips on how to pack for shorter trips with only a carry-on, and many other simple packing suggestions for a snorkeling trip.

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Resort Vs. Liveaboard Snorkeling Trips

Are you trying to decide between a resort and a liveaboard snorkeling trip? It can be hard to know which one might be right for you, so we wrote up all the pros and cons we could think of for each one and share it with you on this page. And, we turned on commenting on the bottom of the page if you have anything you would like to add to the list.

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Snorkeling Travel Insurance – Make Sure Snorkeling Is Not Excluded

Buying travel insurance for your snorkeling trips is a very good idea, and will often be required if you are on a group trip. But many travel insurance policies specifically state that diving and snorkeling related injuries are not covered. An emergency medical evacuation from a remote island can cost more than $200,000. Personal insurance will not cover that. Read our snorkeling travel insurance page to learn what insurance companies we recommend.

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Finding Accommodation and Tour Reviews

Since we try to keep focused on snorkeling on this website, our snorkeling travel tips don’t include accommodation or tour company recommendations or reviews. Instead we recommend using and other travel focused websites that already do such a great job of that. We use TripAdvisor when researching where to stay at our destinations, primarily because of the reviews. And if we want to book a day snorkel tour we also check the reviews on TripAdvisor. There are so many reviews from actual users, that you can get a pretty good idea what you might be in for.

Besides resorts and hotels, and tour companies, you can also find reviews of vacation rental homes and condos on TripAdvisor, like you might find on,, and, all of which we use at times.

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Buying Carbon Offsets for Flying

Flying to an exotic snorkeling destination halfway across the world creates a lot of CO2, which is responsible for the global warming crisis our world is experiencing. Buying carbon offsets can help. We personally purchase three times the carbon offsets created by our flying each year, and on this page we explain how that works, the pros and cons, and suggestions for where and how to purchase carbon offsets. Learn snorkeling travel tips for being a responsible traveler.

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