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Enjoy Day After Day of Wonderful Snorkeling

The Maui Snorkeling Guide eBook comes from an extensive amount of in the water research snorkeling one of our favorite destinations.

And this second edition has more locations, pictures, maps, and helpful tips.

Find a Thrilling Abundance of Sea Life

  • 42 of the best snorkeling spots
  • Avoid disappointing dead reefs

Explore With Confidence

  • 273 pages of clear, accurate descriptions of what to expect, how to get there, and where to swim
  • 552 pictures, above and below water, even where to park
  • 19 maps get you there easily

Daily Travel Decisions Made Easy

  • Suggested itineraries, favorite spots, quick location reference
  • Choosing where to go is no longer frustrating

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Customer Review – Ellen

This guide is wonderful! The maps, the parking and entry tips, the listings of what you’ll see in that spot and the photos to back it all up. Fabulous work, thorough and detailed, nice big print and lots of clear photos. My husband and I are so impressed. Even the trade winds map, so basic for the inundated…

Customer Review – David

I had travelled from New Zealand to Oahu for work, I took three days after for Maui wanting to get in some good snorkelling. I wasted the first day with internet suggestions. Came across the amazing Maui Snorkeling Guide and had the best two days possible. The tips on parking and entry were perfect. Winds and tide made it easy for me to plan my mornings and then find the right spots for the afternoons… lost count of the number of turtles. Highly recommend this guide… I travel for a living.

Customer Review – Caroline and Steve

…we think your eBook is awesome! We have been frustrated by the lack of accurate information regarding snorkeling sites here on Maui. We would visit sites and find that we turn the wrong direction or not swim out far enough and miss seeing the best parts of that reef. We have used your Maui Snorkeling Guide and have snorkeled some amazing sites.

Yesterday, we snorkeled alone with large schools of fish, a two foot pufferfish and about 15 turtles… I was skeptical that we would need your guide and kept relying on internet sites to blindly plan our mornings. Now, we just pull up the eBook, read up on the region we are planning to visit, check the surf reports and launch wonderful dives.

Big school of tropical fish over a healthy coral reef Maui

Find healthy coral reefs where there are lots of fish, like above. Discover turtles tucked in for a rest on a coral wall like below.

Sea turtle tucked under coral head Maui

See colorful tropical fish like this Humuhumunukunukuapua’a, Ornate Butterflyfish, Moorish Idol, and Pearl Wrasse.

Humuhumunukunukuapua'a fish over a rocky bottom in Maui
Ornate Butterflyfish and Ambon Toby over a light colored coral head in Maui
Moorish Idol over a sandy bottom Maui

Pearl Wrasse over a rocky bottom Maui

Learn Where We Have Seen Larger Fish and Interesting Creatures

Two Spotted Eagle Rays over a blue sandy bottom Maui
Red colored Day Octopus hanging on to coral Maui
Yellowmargin Moray Eel, hunting in a shallow coral bed in Maui

And Yes, Almost All the Snorkeling Is Reached From Gorgeous Public Beaches!

Beautiful sandy Maui beach with resorts in the background

Customer Review – Charley

I wish I’d had this Maui Snorkeling Guide ten years ago. My wife and I have made five Maui trips in the past ten years and have explored and learned something new each year. Each time we learned stuff the hard way…. and slowly. This guide allows you to skip the “school of hard knocks” and helps you to optimize your time on the island. The guide identifies all the best snorkeling spots and evaluates them so that you can choose which area to invest your time into… and then provides directions, tells you what to avoid, and where the snorkeling is located within that location.

For instance, Napili Bay is huge and I’ve never found anything under the water there other than sand…. now I know where to explore… and plan to this coming June. In short, this guide will greatly enhance your enjoyment of the trip and is a must have for first time visitor and return visitor alike.

Snorkelers Galen & Nicole on a beach.

About the Authors – 100% Snorkelers

Galen Piehl and Nicole Atkins have sold thousands of their seven popular eBook snorkeling guides. They also author the most popular snorkeling website, with over a million readers a year.

Avid snorkelers, they are on a mission to improve the quality and accuracy of information available for snorkelers, and to help everyone have the most memorable snorkel adventures of their lives.

What’s in the Maui Snorkeling Book?

Big sea turtle with a tail, swimming over a Maui coral reef

42 of the Best Snorkeling Sites

Maui is a popular destination, and some of the better known snorkel spots are very unhealthy with dead reefs because of all that traffic. But if you know where to go Maui is the best snorkeling destination of the main Hawaiian Islands. In this Maui Snorkeling Guide we help you find the lesser known better spots, and tell you where to swim so you don’t miss the best areas. We focus 100% on getting you to the best snorkel sites and go overboard with useful descriptions and pictures of what it is like and how to get there. Compare this to general travel guides that are not written by snorkelers and only give a few sentences about each location.

Each Spot Includes:

Whitemouth Moray Eel head sticking out of Maui coral head
  • At a glance reference chart of the key details about the location
  • Description of what you can expect, above and below water
  • Best water entrance location and what it is like (sandy/rocky)
  • Hazards – currents, swells, exposure, challenging entries
  • Swimming directions to the healthiest reef areas with the most sea life
  • Walking and swimming distances
  • Detailed driving and parking directions
  • Facilities – bathrooms, water, shade, etc
  • Color pictures of everything – the beach, water entrance, sea life, driving intersections, parking, and facilities

Each Chapter/Section Includes:

  • An overview description of what the area is like, with some notes about beaches to avoid with poor snorkeling.
  • Road maps showing where the spots are, parking areas, trails, etc.
Schooling Bannerfish in Maui
  • Suggested Itineraries – Where to find the most fish, corals, turtles, kids spots, etc.
  • Sites at a Glance – A reference and ranking of all the spots.
  • Fish and Creature ID Guide – 162 color pictures
  • Snorkeling Safety and Reef Etiquette – How to read ocean conditions, currents, winds, and to snorkel safely.
  • First Time Snorkeler Tips – How to snorkel efficiently, fit equipment, and choose locations for your skill level.
  • Snorkel Gear Guide Plus Fitting and Use Tips
  • Where to Rent Equipment
  • Underwater Photography and Camera Gear Guides
  • Travel Tips – Where to stay for snorkeling, best times of year, etc.
  • Prevalent Wind and Ocean Current Tips
  • Easy Print Guide Chapter – All of the snorkeling spots, condensed in one chapter with a smaller font and no pictures, that is easy to print.
Spotted Boxfish in Maui

Freedom to Be Your Own Guide – Save Money on Boat Tours

The vast majority of the best snorkeling spots on Maui are accessible from shore. That means you don’t have to go on crowded boat tours on their schedule, to spots you can’t control, no matter the weather. Your snorkeling will be better and you will save money in the process. Where boat tours are a good idea, like to Molokini, we recommend them.

Customer Review – Iggy

The best part, besides the obvious descriptions of the locations, are the photos describing access and parking at the site. It really helps the non-local orient themselves and ensure they are at the right spot.

PDF eBook Can Be Read on Any PC, Mac, Phone, or Tablet

iPhone showing benefits of eBooks for travelers.

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  • PC and Mac
  • Apple iPad, iPhone and Some iPods
  • Kindle Fire and Fire HD
  • Kindle E-readers (limited functionality)
  • Android Tablets and Phones

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