Solo Snorkeling in Bermuda May 2024

By David Kinzer

Needing a snorkel getaway, I recently took a four night trip for snorkeling in Bermuda. Galen and Nicole’s Bermuda Snorkeling Guide was invaluable in choosing places to snorkel from shore. Each morning, I’d check to see the wind direction, then I’d head to the lee side of the island on my scooter.

School of Blue Parrotfish in Bermuda

On the first day at Warwick Long Bay, the water was cold (70°F), but I was prepared with a wetsuit and hood. The visibility was great, and I practically had the beach to myself. There were plenty of fish in the shallower areas, but fewer on the outer reefs, which were quite deep.

On day two at Jobson’s Cove, I saw lots of parrotfish, mostly Blue, Rainbow, and Queen. Many of the fish were wary and were watching me as much as I was watching them.

Jobson's Cove Bermuda
Jobson’s Cove
School of Rainbow Parrotfish in Bermuda

On day three I snorkeled at Spanish Point. There the visibility was not too good, but fish were abundant. I saw schools of as many as 10 Rainbow Parrotfish, many grunts, surgeonfish, and a Tomtate which was new for me.

Bonefish spotted while snorkeling in Bermuda

Overall I had a fine time snorkeling in Bermuda. The people are very friendly, the reefs are healthy, and despite flight delays, it is an easy destination to get to.


  1. I wish I had a video of this, but we just snorkeled Warwick Long Bay this morning and there was a decent school of teeny tiny fish, possible babies. They were no larger than one-inch long and 1/6-inch wide with relatively big eyes for their size. They were whitish silver with yellowish rings around their black eyes. They were wriggling their tails super fast back and forth, in a way that made me think they might be squid.

    Did you see anything like that? We’re hoping someone has an idea to help identify them. Thanks!


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