Snorkeling Lady Elliot Island 2023

By Cristina in Tasmania, Australia

I wanted to share with you some information and pictures from snorkeling Lady Elliot Island in Australia. I have visited this beautiful island three times and it never ceases to amaze me. The variety of marine life is huge, from large pelagics to tiny fish species. I have had several manta encounters here, and some great interactions with octopus in the lagoon.

Lined Surgeonfish over coral at Lady Elliot Island Australia
Octopus in reef at Lady Elliot Island Australia

My most hair raising moment was being out in the deep on a snorkel safari and spotting what I at first thought to be a VERY large reef shark. It was only when it approached our group and turned slightly that I saw its stripes and realized it was a sizeable tiger shark! He checked us out, then swam off into the blue.

The face of a parrotfish taken while snorkeling Lady Elliot Island
Green Sea Turtle Lady Elliot Island

Sadly the island has suffered significant bleaching this summer (the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024), with a large amount of coral affected. Hopefully the coral has not been so badly damaged that it will die. I am posting a few of my pics from my 2023 trip for you to have a look at. Cheers.

Picasso Triggerfish Lady Elliot Island

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