Bermuda Snorkeling Suggestions December 2022

Unidentified red orange sea life on a Bermuda Reef

By Mark Kolsen

I just spent a month in Bermuda and snorkeled all of the four and five snorkel sites delineated in your Bermuda Snorkeling Guide eBook. As usual, your book was accurate, with the exception of Clarence Cove at Admiralty House Park, which might have degraded a bit since you visited. I thought it might be useful for me to share my Bermuda snorkeling suggestions.

Bermuda soft and hard coral reef with juvenile wrasses

Bermuda Outer Reef Snorkeling

In your book, you delineated the beauty of the Blue Hole at the eastern cut of the outer reef, and I am writing to report that, like the Blue Hole, Long Point Cut on the outer reef, a cut known only to fishermen, was equally spectacular. In fact, in my view, any snorkeler wishing to see Bermuda’s best MUST find a way to snorkel those sites on the outer reef. On the outer reef, coral and visibility are easily the best on the island.

Bermuda boiler reef with chub, parrotfish and tangs

But, as you wrote, how can a snorkeler get there, given that tour boats don’t go there? I have found an answer. Jim West, a fisherman who runs Early Bird Charters, took me there during a fishing trip. Jim’s “ride along” rate (see his website linked to below) costs $600, reasonable by Bermudian standards but probably a bit steep for your average snorkeler. I mention it in case anyone is visiting Bermuda during the next few months. They should know he’s an option.

Giant Anemone and soft coral in Bermuda

More importantly, Jim has acquired a 35 foot speedy center console which will be ready by April 2023, and which he will use to take snorkelers to the outer reef. Snorkelers visiting Bermuda next spring and thereafter will do well to contact him. He has not yet determined a price, but it will surely be affordable. Jim is a superb, relaxed, friendly captain.

School of silversides over a coral reef in Bermuda

Try This Bermuda Snorkeling Spot

One more point: you mentioned that due to the presence of fishermen, you did not snorkel the water off Ducking Stool Park on the north shore near the C-Mart. I stayed at an Airbnb about six houses west of the park, and snorkeled the coast from there east to the park (where no fishermen were present). The coral was very good, as were the fish: perhaps worthy of your three snorkel rating. Fish were especially prolific near the reef below the park. It’s a worthy addendum to your book.

Sea rods and Giant Anemone in Bermuda

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