Snorkeling Florida Keys
Get To The Best Reefs By Boat

We have really enjoyed our snorkeling Florida Keys experiences, and have snorkeled all over, including Key Largo, Key West, and all the keys between that we call the Middle Keys. The keys have the third longest barrier reef in the world, and the only tropical coral reefs in the contiguous states.

Explore this page to learn everything you need to know to find the best spots and have a great time.

What you can see snorkeling Florida Keys

We were very pleasantly surprised by how fantastic the snorkeling is in the keys. The reefs in some areas are the healthiest we have ever seen, and are packed with life. Another surprise was that the best Florida Keys snorkeling spots are not where we expected them to be.

It is worth noting that nearly all the snorkeling in the keys is by boat. There is virtually no beach or shore access snorkeling, with a few exceptions in both Pennekamp and Bahia Honda parks (both very poor shore snorkeling spots). That is because the healthy reefs with lots of fish are located from one to eight miles offshore. That means that there is not really any free snorkeling in the Florida Keys.

Where Are The Best Spots For Snorkeling Florida Keys?

Snorkelers in the Florida Keys

We break down snorkeling Florida Keys into three main areas:

  • The top of the keys, namely Key Largo.
  • The bottom of the keys, specifically Key West.
  • All of the areas between, Islamorada, Marathon, and the Big Pine area, which all together we call the Middle Keys.

And here was the big surprise for us snorkeling Florida Keys. While we thought that the best snorkeling would be both in the Key Largo and Key West areas, (mostly because there are the most advertising boat companies in those areas), in fact the best snorkeling is by far and away accessed from the keys between those two.

We go into each area in detail below.

Snorkeling Florida Keys Areas Map

Snorkeling Florida Keys - Key West

First let's talk about Key West. This is the most popular destination in the keys, and probably where most people attempt to snorkel from. Despite its popularity, the snorkeling in Key West simply does not compare to what you find further up the keys. The reefs are not as healthy and the visibility is not as good. But, if you are going, there are a few decent options.

You can book snorkel boat trips in Key West. They will take you out to a few reefs and keys that are about eight miles offshore. And there are a few beaches you can snorkel.

But the only snorkeling that is accessed from Key West (but is nowhere near it) that we recommend is snorkeling Dry Tortugas National Park (Fort Jefferson).

Read more about Key West snorkel spots and our experiences here.

Snorkeling Florida Keys: around the Dry Tortugas moat

Snorkeling Florida Keys - Key Largo

Midnight Parrotfish

Now let's jump up north to Key Largo. The snorkeling in Key Largo is a mixed bag. While not as good as in the middle keys areas, there are lots of boat companies and snorkel spots available from Key Largo.

Most of the snorkeling is focused on the areas close to John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. Very popular trips leave from within the state park, and many other trips head to the same waters from outside the park. Destinations include the Christ of the Abyss Statue, Dry Rocks, White Banks, Sea Gardens, and Molasses Reef to name a few.

Learn more about snorkeling Key Largo and our suggested spots.

Snorkeling Florida Keys - Middle Keys - Islamorada, Marathon and Big Pine

Queen Angelfish & Grunts

And now, the best for last. By far and away the Middle Keys offer the best snorkeling grounds. From Islamorada you will want to check out Hen & Chickens and Cheeca Rocks patch reefs. Another spot not to miss is Alligator Reef. Then from Marathon the wonderful Coffins Patch, Pillar Patch, and The Stake are well worth snorkeling, and the amazing Sombrero Reef.

Farther south, the beautiful Bahia Honda State Park is a must see (not so much for it's snorkeling, but it's beautiful beaches).

And just south of Big Pine you will kick yourself if you don't take a tour out to Looe Key Reef.

Learn much more about where to snorkel from Islamorada, Marathon and Big Pine.

Snorkel Bahia Honda State Park

More Snorkeling Florida Keys Info

Besides all the information at the links above about each location, many of our site visitors have asked questions and shared stories. Learn more about those below.

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When you are ready to make your travel plans, check out TripAdvisor's Visiting the Florida Keys page.

Other Keys Sights

Victorian Home Key West

Really the keys are stunning in many ways. Beautiful views, gorgeous waters and interesting Victorian architecture (in Key West).

The area also has it own unique "keasy" style. Most of the keys outside of Key West are very relaxed, and laid back. So don't expect snappy service, and super clean and neat businesses.

Maybe the most fascinating thing of note about the keys is how they are all connected with one long road, with miles and miles of bridges connecting these little flat pieces of land. The history of the building of these bridges is pretty interesting, and you can see in many places the old original bridges right next to the modern new ones.

Florida Keys Bridges

Between Keys Bridges



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