Amazing Indonesia Snorkeling Trips

Guided Snorkel Travel to Indonesia’s Best Places

Diverse coral reef teeming with fish you could see on one of these Indonesia snorkeling trips.

Are you looking for Indonesia snorkeling trips? You have come to the right place! There are many wonderful places in Indonesia to snorkel, and the trips on this page will get you to the best ones. You will be snorkeling the most abundant reefs in the world absolutely teeming with fish, dense with incredible variety of corals, hard and soft, and full of creatures like sea turtles, manta rays, sharks, and so much more.

Come home with beautiful memories and lifelong new friends. These group snorkel vacations are arranged and led by a tour company owned by friends of ours (we are just promoting them, not running them). We join some of these trips ourselves. We wish we could go on all of them!

  • Professionally Guided – Effortless Planning and Travel
  • World’s Best Snorkeling Destinations – See the Last Remaining Reefs Full of Life
  • Snorkelers Only – 100% Focused on Snorkeling Spots (Not Diving), and Friendly Camaraderie

Indonesia Snorkeling Trips

Indonesia, located in Southeast Asia, is the largest island country in the world. There are over 17,000 islands spread out over more than 700,000 square miles (nearly 2 million square kilometers). Nine of Indonesia’s national parks are largely marine parks, where the marine life is protected. Additionally, the country has about 200 (and growing) marine protected areas that are managed in various ways. These places can provide outstanding snorkeling with abundant sea life that is not afraid of you.

Our trips partner has created these Indonesia snorkeling trips to get folks like you to the best snorkeling places in the area. Trips can be based at resorts, or on liveaboard yachts, and sometimes a combination of both. We have more information down the page about the benefits of group snorkeling trips from resorts and liveaboards. Below are the current Indonesia snorkeling trips on offer.

Alor and Komodo, Indonesia

Snorkeler over abundant coral reef with anthias in Alor Indonesia

Join this fantastic resort based snorkeling safari to Alor and Komodo in Indonesia. This 15 day small group snorkeling trip will visit two distinct and biologically lush areas of the Coral Triangle, with the opportunity to see a variety of interesting marine life, vast coral fields and walls, and some interesting top side attractions like Komodo Dragons! We went on this trip in 2019 and absolutely loved it! Read all about this wonderful trip here.

Alor and Komodo and Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Fish filled reef in Raja Ampat

12 lucky snorkelers get to experience some outstanding snorkeling on this 23 day trip that visits three fabulous areas of Indonesia: Alor, Komodo and Raja Ampat. Alami Alor Resort, Komodo Resort, and Papua Explorers Resort are all waterfront resorts with beautiful house reefs. They are also ideally situated for you to explore the abundant reefs and sea life near the resorts on your daily boat snorkel excursions. Let the experts take care of the details and you can enjoy your vacation snorkeling in the incomparable Coral Triangle! Find out all the details and inquire with the organizers here.

Alor Snorkeling and Freediving Workshop Trip, Indonesia

Snorkelers freediving to take pictures in Alor.

This very unique snorkeling trip combines an exploration of the stunningly abundant reefs of Alor, while also learning shallow freediving skills in a workshop format. You will be based out of the beautiful Alami Alor Resort, which has a perfect house reef for learning freediving skills from your world renowned teacher and guide. Your group will be taken out twice a day by boat to many different types of reefs that are close by, that are packed with healthy and colorful corals, as well as tropical fish galore. In Alor you also have the chance to see dolphins, Mola Mola, and whales. Learn all about this unique trip here.

Komodo and Misool, Indonesia

This trip combines the stunning reefs and large creatures of Komodo National Park, with the most abundant reefs in the world at Misool, in southern Raja Ampat. Both areas of Indonesia offer world class snorkeling underwater. Your guided snorkeling group will stay at two amazing resorts that have stunning house reefs. And you will also be taken by boat each day to close by islands and reefs. You will be treated to very colorful and healthy corals, and a massive abundance of fish, and many large creatures such as sharks, manta rays, and sea turtles. Not to mention getting the opportunity to see Komodo Dragons in their native habitat. Learn all of the details about this amazing trip here.

Sulawesi and Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Aerial view of Papua Paradise Eco Resort

This unique itinerary takes you to two wonderful areas of the Coral Triangle and Indonesia, Bunaken National Marine Park in north Sulawesi, and Raja Ampat. Siladen Resort in Sulawesi and Papua Paradise Eco Resort in Raja Ampat serve as your comfortable home bases for snorkeling the numerous abundant reefs nearby. In addition to unlimited house reef snorkeling, you also get two snorkeling boat trips per day at each resort. And, in between the two resorts, you get to explore a volcano and see wildlife in the rainforest in Sulawesi. Read all about this wonderful trip here.

North Indonesia Resorts
Bunaken – Halmahera – Raja Ampat

Aerial view of Kusu Island Resort

This extraordinary trip explores three areas of the Coral Triangle, in North Indonesia. You will get to see huge variety in sea life, from shallow reefs full of lush and healthy corals brimming with colorful tropical fish, to sea turtles, manta ray feeding stations, and larger pelagic fish like sharks. The snorkeling excursions will be based out of three different stunning island resorts. There are excellent house reefs to explore, with night snorkeling opportunities, and you will also be taken out by boat to close by reefs to snorkel three other reefs each day. Find out all the details about this trip here.

Papua Explorers Resort, Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Spadefish and soft corals Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat should be at the top of your list of must-visit snorkeling destinations and this 9 day trip to the Papua Explorers Resort is the perfect way to get there. Visit the most abundant area of the Coral Triangle from this fabulous over water resort. It is located on the edge of Dampier Strait in the center of a Marine Protected Area. You will have three snorkeling boat trips per day plus unlimited house reef snorkeling. Get all the details and inquire about this great trip here.

Raja Ampat Liveaboard, Indonesia

Coralia Snorkeling Liveaboard Raja Ampat Indonesia

We were lucky enough to snorkel in incredible Raja Ampat recently and we urge you to get there too! This 12 or 14 day liveaboard trip is an outstanding opportunity to snorkel two of the best areas in the region aboard the gorgeous Coralia yacht.

After departing Sorong, you will head south to Misool to explore the most alive reefs in the world with healthy abundant corals, massive quantities of fish, and populations of pelagics like sharks, and manta rays, not to mention many sea turtles. Then, you will head north to the Dampier Strait, known for its incredible reefs full of life and manta ray cleaning stations too. Get all the details about this trip and sign up here.

Triton Bay and Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Snorkeler with a Whale Shark in Triton Bay Raja Ampat

This wonderful combo trip starts in Triton Bay in West Papua, Indonesia, where you will have several trips out to snorkel with the Whale Sharks that like to hang out around the fisherman’s platforms. After four nights there, you will move to the beautiful over water Papua Explorers Resort to explore the outstanding reefs of Raja Ampat. With seven nights at this resort you will have plenty of opportunities to snorkel around the renowned Dampier Strait and see the abundant sea life this part of the world is famous for. Don’t miss out on this unique and exciting itinerary. Read all the details and inquire about this trip here.

Raja Ampat and Wakatobi, Indonesia

This fantastic itinerary combines resort stays in two of the Coral Triangle’s best destinations for abundant reefs chock full of life. It starts in Raja Ampat which has the highest bio-diversity in the Coral Triangle. You will spend seven nights in a dreamy overwater bungalow and snorkel the house reef to your heart’s content. You will also have three boat snorkels per day to close by reefs.

This trip continues in Wakatobi, with its bountiful reefs full of life to see. You will spend seven nights in an Ocean Bungalow with direct access to the beach and the house reef that is open all the time. There will also be three boat snorkels per day to other wonderful reefs in the area. Find out all the details and sign up here.

Misool Eco Resort, Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Misool Resort North Lagoon

You should not miss this opportunity to visit the outstanding Misool Eco Resort in Raja Ampat Indonesia. Located in the epicenter of marine biodiversity and within a 500 square mile Marine Protected Area and No-Take Zone, the fish numbers cannot be beat. With the most types of fish and corals in the world, you will see something new on every snorkel. This 12 or 15 day trip includes 9 or 12 nights at MER with unlimited house reef snorkeling and many boat snorkel trips. Experience the abundance of the reefs of Misool, the most alive and biodiverse in the world. Get all the details about this trip opportunity here.

Misool and Wakatobi, Indonesia

School of spadefish in Indonesia

This once in a lifetime trip combines our favorite snorkeling spot on Earth, Misool Eco Resort, with Wakatobi Resort, another extraordinary Indonesian snorkeling spot, with some dates offering a couple nights of relaxation and a cultural half day tour exploration on the lovely island of Bali. Both Misool and Wakatobi are in the Coral Triangle in Indonesia, and they have incredibly abundant fish and coral populations and varieties. In fact, we don’t think you can find two better spots to snorkel! And not only is the snorkeling out-of-this world, these two resorts stand out in their luxury and service. Click here to learn all about this not to be missed trip.

Togian Islands and Lembeh Indonesia Liveaboard

This unique new 13 day snorkeling trip explores the remote Togian Islands National Park, along with the Lembeh Strait, critter capital of the world. You will board the comfortable Mermaid II Liveaboard in the Lembeh Strait and then make your way down the east coast of Sulawesi. You will snorkel two places on your way to the Togians, including a bay where whale sharks regularly feed.

The Togian Islands are a remote grouping of islands, volcanoes, and atolls that can be considered one of the final frontiers of exploration in the Coral Triangle. The islands are rarely visited by divers, and this is the first trip that the Mermaid II liveaboard has offered to snorkelers. We are confident their experience and that of your guide will lead to an exceptional snorkeling focused trip. There will be 3-4 snorkel sessions per day included. Read all the details and inquire with the trip organizer here.

Lembeh, Halmahera, Raja Ampat Indonesia Liveaboard

Mermaid II Snorkeling Liveaboard Halmahera Indonesia

This snorkeling only liveaboard trip explores some of the best reefs in the world, on a one-way trip through an amazing part of Indonesia. Your trip will begin by exploring the famous Lembeh Strait in search of unique creatures. Then, you will explore the Halmahera Islands, between Raja Ampat and North Sulawesi. And last, in Raja Ampat, you will be blown away by the volumes and variety of sea life you will see on these vibrant reefs. The Mermaid II is one of the few boats that has pioneered snorkeling the abundant and uncrowded reefs here. Don’t miss this special trip opportunity. Learn all the details and find out how to sign up here.

Halmahera Resort, Indonesia

Kusu Resort Villas with underwater house reef corals

Halmahera has recently opened up to tourism and this is your opportunity to explore the abundant reefs of the area. The beautiful Kusu Island Resort will be your base for this 10 night trip. Join this group of 16 lucky snorkelers in this pristine area, so remote that most of the snorkel sites are not even named yet. The house reef is healthy and open all the time and your group will also be taken out by boat to local reefs for three more snorkel sessions each day. You will also have many chances to see larger pelagic fish like sharks, manta rays, and big schools of barracuda. Learn all the details and contact our trips partner here.

Wakatobi Resort, Indonesia

Cuttlefish over reef in Wakatobi Indonesia

Join this once in a lifetime opportunity to snorkel Wakatobi, which is in the heart of the Coral Triangle in Indonesia. Wakatobi has high biodiversity in fish and corals making the reefs a pleasure to explore. This resort sits in a national marine park, and has perhaps the best house reef for snorkeling in the world. On this nine day trip you also get 18 boat based snorkel trips out to the best reefs in the area. And the resort, although remote, is a luxury experience in itself. Learn more about how to join this trip here.

Cenderawasih Bay Liveaboard, Indonesia

Snorkeler with a whale shark in Cenderawasih Bay Indonesia

Snorkeling with whale sharks is a memorable experience and this trip makes it easy to get up close and personal with these marine giants. Cenderawasih Bay National Park is the largest marine park in Indonesia and is very remote. The best way to access the waters of this remarkable place is by liveaboard. With 10 nights aboard the beautiful Coralia yacht, you will get your fill of snorkeling with whale sharks and exploring the abundant reefs of this protected area too. Don’t miss this opportunity! Learn all about the trip and find out how to sign up here.

Epic Indonesia
Alor – Komodo – Bali – Wakatobi – Misool

Snorkeler and a manta ray in Komodo Indonesia

If you want to experience the very best that Indonesia has to offer, in the heart of the Coral Triangle, this is the trip for you. Join just 12 snorkelers on this extraordinary journey, for 27 nights, visiting Alor, Komodo, Bali, Wakatobi, and Misool in Raja Ampat. On one trip you will have the opportunity to experience the best snorkeling on Earth.

Each of these locations is very unique, but all have an astounding variety and numbers of both beautiful and healthy corals, and fish life, not to mention larger creatures like Manta Rays, whales, dolphins, turtles, and pelagics. This trip is resort based, each with fantastic house reefs, wonderful accommodations, service and food. See more pictures and learn all the details about this epic trip here.

Other Snorkeling Trips

If you are interested in snorkeling vacations to other parts of the world, like the Caribbean, Mexico, Pacific Islands, or the Red Sea in Egypt, check out our main snorkeling trips page. If you want to know when new snorkeling trips are released, sign up for our newsletter.

What Are These Indonesia Snorkeling Trips Like?

We are always looking to bring you exciting trips to some of the best places on earth, like the Indonesia snorkeling trips above. Many of our readers have experienced the best snorkeling holidays of their lives on these trips. If you have never gone on one of these trips you can get a general idea of some of the types of adventures we like to share below.

Liveaboard Snorkeling Trips
There is a world of difference going on liveaboard trips designed for snorkelers, instead of a mixed boat with divers, because most of the time the boat is really focused on the divers, the reefs are too deep, and snorkelers are sometimes treated like second class citizens! On a snorkeler only boat, every spot you visit, from remote atolls to barrier reefs, has shallow snorkeling at perfect depths. And instead of being limited to only an hour on the water because of diving schedules, you normally spend and hour and a half to two hours at each spot.

Snorkeling liveaboard yacht and small tender boat

And being able to be immersed in snorkeling two or three times a day, in a different amazing spot each time, for a week or two, is really a great way to explore the ocean. You get to see so many different ecosystems and types of fish and coral reefs. It’s a very different experience than snorkeling tours that go out for a few hours in popular tourist areas. These are more like snorkeling expeditions.

These types of snorkel trips are full service, where your food is prepared for you, your rooms are taken care of, and all you have to do is get in the water, rinse and repeat.

Group of snorkelers floating in the ocean
Resort snorkeling beach with white sand and palm trees

Resort Snorkeling Trips
There are also resorts with beautiful house reefs for snorkeling and small boats that can take you to wonderful nearby snorkeling reefs. You can choose whether you want to venture out or stay close each day. The best resorts are usually remote and include some meals with your stay. These spots make for great Indonesia snorkeling trips.

Snorkeling programs like these are hard to find though. But we have a fantastic partner we work with who creates these types of adventures.