Best Place to Snorkel in Florida Keys?

By Phil
I am looking for the best place to snorkel in the Florida Keys. My family and I were planning on going snorkeling there. We have never been and are really excited to go to the keys.

My parents do not really know how to swim but I do. I was wondering where the best location was to go to see the most wildlife. We have never been snorkeling and I really want my parents to be amazed.

I heard Pennekamp park was a good one but then I also called one of the snorkeling services in the Keys and they said the barrier reef was the best. I thought since you guys had AMAZING photos you guys would be able to help.

I looked through the sites that you listed for the Florida Keys but everything sounds good. I just honestly want to know the place with the best wildlife and things you don’t see in Texas 🙂

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Galen & Nicole – May 1, 2011 – Best Beginners Snorkeling – Florida Keys

Hi Phil, well, first we would agree, getting out to the reef is going to be better than anything from the beach and most of the tours from Pennekamp for snorkeling the Florida Keys. Although you can take a trip out to Molasses Reef by boat from within Pennekamp State Park. It is just not the ideal way to visit Molasses Reef because of the crowded boats and the distance to the reef.

But based on your experience level and your desire to see great stuff, if we had to suggest the best snorkel spot in the keys, it would probably be Sombrero Reef. It is a stunning reef. And while it technically is out on the barrier reef, it feels more like a patch reef, and does not feel as exposed as some of the other outer barrier reef areas. It offers ideal depths for snorkeling beginners, and tons of sea life to check out, and a fun boat ride.

Have fun.

Beth – Oct 1, 2016 – Sombrero Reef Boat Tours

We are planning a trip to the Keys and based on everything I’ve read, Sombrero Reef is a must, but I’m not finding many good options for boat tours. Who do you recommend? We are not beginners, but not pros either. We spent 2 1/2 weeks in Hawaii last year where we snorkeled almost every day – many times at multiple locations!

Thanks for any input!

Nicole & Galen – Oct 1, 2016 – Sombrero Boat Companies

It has been a number of years, but we used Spirit Catamaran out of Marathon and liked it. Someone else had some feedback about Starfish Catamaran out of Marathon on this page. Have a good time!

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