Best Time of Day to Snorkel Florida Keys?

By Ron – (McHenry, IL)
Can anyone tell me what the best time of day is to snorkel the Florida Keys? I’ll be there in a few weeks, and will definitely be snorkeling. I snorkeled in Hawaii a few years ago, and everyone said to be sure and snorkel in the morning before the winds pick up. I haven’t seen any advice about what’s the best time to go snorkeling in the Keys. Many of the companies operate a morning and afternoon tour, and I’m trying to figure out which is best. Thanks for any advice!

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Nicole and Galen – May 9, 2013 – Time of Day

Ron, we did not notice any particular pattern to the weather while snorkeling in the Florida Keys like we did in Hawaii. It seemed to change all the time. We were there about the same time you will be and there were a lot of windy days and rainy times too. We did both morning and afternoon snorkel trips. So, we recommend being flexible with your planning.

Does anyone else have any information to share?

Cary Bennett – May 9, 2013 – Best Time

I grew up in Miami and spent a few summers in the Keys fishing with my family as a kid. It sticks in my brain that the water was generally calmer early in the morning. In summer, as the day heats up, the chance for an afternoon rain or thunderstorm increases. However, usually, those will come in, dump their rain, and the sun will come back out an hour later. Just watch the forecast and be flexible as Galen and Nicole said.

Have fun! We hope to be down there later in the summer as well!

Richard from Jupiter – Feb 14, 2016 – Best Time Is at High Tide

Snorkel the Keys at high tide. It is the best visibility most of the time. If there is lots of rain, snorkel from the middle Keys to the west as run off from the Everglades causes green water.

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