Spots for Snorkeling With Kids in Florida

Best Place in the Florida Keys to Snorkel With Children?

By Anonymous
Where is the best place to snorkel with children in the Florida Keys? We are going on a family vacation there and want to get in the water. Any help you can give would be appreciated.

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Galen & Nicole – Jun 28, 2011 – Children & Snorkeling in the Florida Keys

Well, it depends a bit on if your children have any snorkeling experience. If they don’t then really the Florida Keys are not an ideal place to start because all of the snorkeling in the Keys is accessed by boat. The boat rides can be fun, but getting on and off the boat if you are new to snorkeling is an added challenge. And the snorkeling grounds are out on a reef, not in a protected bay. So unless it is a calm day there will tend to be some waves.

Still, we don’t want to discourage you. Given a calm day and some adventurous kids, you will have a great time.

We would consider going out to Alligator Reef, because the shallow waters under the lighthouse are just teeming with fish, which kids (and adults) would love.

And one of our favorite spots to explore is Sombrero Reef. It has lots of fish and a wonderful reef to explore.

Have fun!

Where to Snorkel With Kids in Florida?

By Anonymous
Can you give me some suggestions for where to snorkel with kids in Florida or the Florida Keys? Any suggestions for an easy beach snorkeling spot, or the best/cheapest snorkeling tour? The kids are 5 and 8 years old.

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Galen & Nicole – Jul 31, 2010 – The Keys

Unfortunately there are not really any good beach access snorkeling spots in the Keys. You can snorkel from the beach in Pennekamp State Park, and at Bahia Honda State Park, but it is not of any quality. You may see some fish, but no corals or any other reef structures. So for the Keys you would have to take a boat trip. And so long as your kids know how to snorkel, and the weather is calm, you would probably be fine on a variety of trips that are offered out of the Keys. They all pretty much cost the same.

As for snorkeling in other areas in Florida from the beach we are not sure. Maybe some other folks can chime in.

Update: There are a few more posts about shore snorkeling spots in Florida that might be suitable for children:

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