Does Anyone Have Experience Snorkeling in the United Arab Emirates?

By Kathy – (Greenville NC)
I am wondering if anyone has experience snorkeling in the United Arab Emirates? Any information about snorkeling this area of the Persian Gulf would be appreciated.

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Anonymous – Nov 15, 2018 – Fujairah

I snorkeled last year in Fujairah Al Aqah Beach. Turtles galore but water visibility was poor and there was quite a lot of rubbish. Very little other marine life except cuttlefish. Snoopy Rock was fairly underwhelming compared to snorkeling in the Red Sea, but the turtles were a delight.

Nikè РJul 12, 2019 РOnly Fujairah

As stated above, only Fujairah has any decent snorkeling in the United Arab Emirates, with high chances of seeing turtles and reef sharks. There are also plenty of boxfish, triggerfish and clownfish. I wrote more about it and shared some pictures on this page.

Dubai only has sea urchins and unspectacular fish, I wouldn’t bother.

If you have the time, you could drive from Dubai to Musandam in Oman; the snorkeling is better there and, during the season, you might get lucky and see a whale shark.

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