Tangled Hair Snorkeling Trick – Swim Cap

By Jane – (Texas)
I wanted to thank you for the tangled hair snorkeling trick, a swim cap. I recently went snorkeling when I was on the Big Island of Hawaii at Makaiwa Bay in front of the Mauna Lani Hotel & Resort.

Even though I have short hair, I am very uncoordinated getting my fins and mask on properly in the surf. I snorkeled at the Beach Club the first day and battled water in the mask the entire time even though the snorkeling was good. I was so frustrated, I went out and bought a silicone swim cap and the problem was solved! No more flooded swim mask! Thanks for the tip. I already look enough like a dork in the water, so the swim cap just completes the ensemble. Even the turtles laugh.

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Galen & Nicole – Jan 30, 2011 – Newsletter Tips

Great! It’s nice to hear someone using a tip from our newsletter.

Carol – Jan 31, 2011 – Great Idea

Your idea of using a swim cap is great. I have the same problem, but never tried the cap because of the dork factor. Now I know there’ll be two of us, and we’ll be smiling because our masks won’t be full of water.

Nicole – Nov 29, 2012 – Update – the Recommendation Is on the Site!

The story of why I use a swim cap for snorkeling is now on the website, not just in the newsletter. Check it out for more information about why I chose to use one and the other benefits I discovered wearing one.

DT – Aug 03, 2013 – Baseball Cap

You can also wear a baseball cap backwards (mesh/snapback is best). It keeps the hair away, snorkel strap up and protects the back of your neck from sunburn. And they’re probably free if you have a bunch sitting around your house.

Anonymous – Feb 13, 2015 – Not Tangled Hair – The Problem Is With NO Hair

I am a 60 year old guy, I’m bald and suffer greatly when my scalp is sunburned. Thanks so much for the tip about snorkel caps. One can get a melanoma on the scalp.

Pat – Oct 14, 2015 – Found Baseball Hat Works Too

I’d already gotten to waist deep water in Honolua Bay before realizing my swim cap was back at the condo. I have to cover from head to toe since I’m super sun sensitive and can’t wear most sunscreens (I wear leggings and a long sleeved rash guard). I told myself I’d just have to keep rearranging my thin hair so my part wouldn’t burn, and swam out into the bay to join my hubby.

Halfway out what do I see suspended about a foot deep in front of me? A baseball hat! How perfect! How long it’d been there I have no idea, but as there were no boats in that spot at the moment, I figured the sea provided it just for me. LOL!

Not only does a hat provide sun protection, but I find it keeps my hair from getting debris tangled in it.

The sea has also provided us with masks, snorkels, jewelry, and even money!

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