Fiji Snorkeling – Simply the Best

Fiji snorkeling Bay and beach from hillside.
Fiji Snorkeling Cove

By Sandra
I think that Fiji snorkeling is simply the best in the world. It puts everything else I have seen to shame. I have been to Fiji four times – twice to the southern Mamanuca chain and twice to Matangi Island in the north. Near Malolo, Sunflower Reef is accessible by boat and this reef is the size of three football fields. Barrier reefs in Fiji keep wave action to an either nonexistent or barely noticed effect. Thus, the water is tremendously clear. Photos taken underwater often look as if they were taken in the air.

While boat snorkels are always exciting, Fiji’s reefs are so abundant that you can generally snorkel off your beach right in front of your bure (little house) to your heart’s content. You will find the water warm and quite comfortable, clear and the coral is pristine. And, there is a full range of corals and fishes. You can expect to see large plate corals, staghorn corals, soft corals, blue starfish, giant clams and large anemones with several types of clown fishes.

Hard coral reef in Fiji.
Healthy Coral Reef You Can See Snorkeling in Fiji

I have snorkeled in Hawaii (not my favorite), Honduras and throughout the Caribbean and Fiji wins hands down. The reefs are so protected from the elements, boat traffic and pollution that many are simply pristine with live, healthy corals. If you go, stick to the smaller islands (meaning do not select the two largest islands) and you will enjoy the full Fiji experience. The native Fijians do work at smaller island resorts – and many of the smaller resorts are family owned and operated (Matangi is a private 240 acre family owned operation and is simply perfect). You can expect to be treated quite well and will find the Fijians are very happy and loving people.

I would love to go back – any groups out there planning a trip – please let me know. My travel partner passed away 16 months ago and I am not ready to sit on the couch.

Aerial view of Fiji snorkeling atolls.
Aerial View of Fiji Snorkeling
Pufferfish in Fiji.
Pufferfish I Saw While Snorkeling in Fiji

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Gord – Jan 16, 2011 – Fiji

Hi Sandra, Fiji has been on my list for some time now. Like you, I have snorkeled many, many different places. I have snorkeled in the South Pacific (Hawaii, Tahiti, Cook Islands), yet I still have not made it to Fiji. I have looked at Fiji, but am just never sure where to go. I would really appreciate it if you could let me know two or three places (both the name of the islands and places to stay) that you would recommend for good snorkeling and also if you could let me know if there is snorkeling off the beach. Thanks so much for any information you could provide.

Susan – Jan 16, 2011 – Wow!

Those pictures are wonderful. Your description of Fiji sounds like a place I’d be in heaven. Little or no wave action suits me fine. That’s the one thing I like about the Caribbean but that’s about it. I love Maui though and am going there in a few weeks but sometimes have problems with the currents. Fiji is far from my home but so is Hawaii. Maybe I could stop over in Hawaii, then on to Fiji. Sounds like a plan. 😎

I’m sorry about your partner. I’m sure it’s tough, but sounds like you’re keeping on keeping on. Good for you and if you find a group going please let me know. Sounds like a great place and your pictures are beautiful.

Anonymous – Jan 27, 2011 – Wonderful

Thanks for this posting! I wish I could afford to go there because my best so far is Okinawa (Ishigaki).

Penny – Mar 21, 2014 – Fiji Snorkeling Trips

My husband and I have also been lucky enough to snorkel in Fiji. We spent a week on the liveaboard boat, the TuiTai, that went to reefs not accessible from a beach or even by other boats. It was nothing short of spectacular. We snorkeled at least two different spots per day and had shore excursions on remote islands. We also visited local villages and waterfalls, etc.

We then spent a week in the Yasawas which was also wonderful beach snorkeling (Blue Lagoon Beach Resort) and some boat snorkeling trips. The variety of soft corals, fish and perfectly clear water was a snorkeler’s dream come true.

As great as the snorkeling was in Fiji, I have to say that the wonderful people there made this trip one of the most memorable of our lives.

Lyn – Apr 10, 2015 – Fiji Is Fab in So Many Ways

Fiji is one of our favorite snorkeling places because there’s lots to choose from. The best is usually near the priciest destinations but absolutely worth it. We are just normal wage earners, but really save up to get to the best coral, fish etc.

We have been to many snorkel places worldwide including snorkeling the entire length of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, from the South Queensland coast to Papua New Guinea, yet still Fiji appeals for its beautiful people, amazing choice of islands and perfect climate.

Nicole & Galen – May 22, 2020 – Other Folks Trip Reports

We have a couple of great Fiji snorkeling trip reports from other site visitors on the site now. This one is from 2017 and this one is from 2015. Hopefully others will find these useful for planning a snorkel trip to Fiji!

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