What Is the Name of This Black Tropical Fish With White Stripes?

Black and white striped fish on Maui.
Maui mystery (to me) fish

By Douglas – (Victoria, BC)
Can anyone identify this fish? He is a shy fellow who was hiding under the same section of reef two days in a row along the shore at Black Rock, Kaanapali, Maui. He is not in my tropical fish guide and can’t find him online. He is not a Black Spot Sergeant which is whitish with charcoal stripes. As you can see he is deep black with white stripes. Thanks.

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Galen and Nicole – Mar 19, 2011 – It Is a Blackspot Sergeant

Douglas, We wondered exactly the same thing on our last trip to Hawaii. It actually IS a male Blackspot Sergeant, in mating colors. We watched one change to that color pattern. We had borrowed a book that confirmed it. We also found this resource on the web that shows the exact same fish.

Douglas – Mar 19, 2011 – Thank You for Identifying My Mystery Fish

Who’d have thought it?! You two are such a great resource. I can’t imagine how long I might have searched and not found that answer. In other words, “Many thanks!”

Tanya van der Walt – Oct 23, 2017 – How Awesome… Saw This Beauty in Cape Vidal

We just saw it yesterday in Cape Vidal, South Africa. Got a nice picture and then also searched all the fish identification books. Thanks for making it so easy!

Bob – Apr 28, 2019 – Great Help

I have a good photo of this fish from Palau this last March. Thanks for your post.

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