Snorkeling Trip Report – Panglao Island Bohol Philippines

View over the water from Molave Cove Resort with pretty clouds and islands Philippines
View from Molave Cove Resort

By Joanne (Sydney, Australia)
My husband and I have recently returned from Panglao Island Bohol Philippines on a mission snorkeling trip. This by far was our best snorkeling trip to date.

We stayed at Molave Cove Resort. Unbeknown to us the sardines were running and this was such an exciting snorkeling event. Just incredible, so many fish. The coral was also intact and alive, and there was an abundance of fish everywhere. That was just outside our resort. The resort is also a great day out. For a small charge you will have access to showers, toilets and picnic areas. The place gets crowded over the weekend especially on a Sunday. There are places to cook food mainly fire places.

We just loved staying here. It was a small resort but we had the whole place to ourselves. They took really good care of us, breakfast included and brought to our room everyday. Our room consisted of a fridge, good size air conditioning, cable TV, and our own bathroom. We had plenty of space.

Outrigger snorkel tour boats lined up on beach Panglao Island Philippines
Snorkel tour boats on the beach Panglao Island

We also hired a boat and captain to take us out to what is called Virgin Islands. This is also worth a visit. It’s spectacular. We had the best experience snorkeling there with large sea turtles. They were grazing it was just magical.

On our way home we stopped at fish markets on stilts where they were cooking food. Well worth a wander, very good.

Overall we would go back to Panglao, I felt safe and the people are super friendly. Also use local transportation. It is a heap of fun.

Sea turtle grazing on sea grass Virgin Islands Philippines
Beautiful grazing sea turtle
Fish market on stilts on shallow beach, with small boats Panglao Island Bohol Philippines
Fish markets on stilts

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Nicole and Galen – Oct 9, 2018 – Thank You!

Joanne, thank you for sharing your story about snorkeling Panglao Island in Bohol Philippines. We are so glad you enjoyed your trip so much! Folks can read some more Philippines snorkeling spot suggestions on this page.

Joanne – Oct 9, 2018 – Thanks

Thanks guys for letting me share, I will definitely be putting more snorkeling adventures up.

Sue Harris (New Zealand) – Oct 10, 2018 – A New Place

Thanks Joanne for your informative review. I’ve wondered about a trip to the Philippines but couldn’t figure it out even with various travel books, etc.

So I shall put Panglao Island on my list.

Joanne – Oct 10, 2018 – You’re Welcome

I suggest you fly from NZ to Manila and then Manila to Cebu. There will be a two hour ferry ride from Cebu to the Tagbilaran City Port. Get the ocean jet ferry. It is cheaper and they run more regularly than the fast cat. Allow plenty of time to get to the port in Cebu, the traffic is crazy, we only just made it.

You can also fly to Bohol but not sure what airlines.

Have fun when you do go.

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