Snorkeling the Middle Florida Keys Post Hurricane Michael?

By Myra – (Wisconsin)
We’re thinking of planning a snorkeling trip to the Middle Keys Florida for the first two weeks of December 2018. How is the water visibility after Hurricane Michael? Did it affect this area much? Thank you for any insights.

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Anonymous – Nov 4, 2018 – Good Snorkeling at Looe Key after Michael

We snorkeled Looe Key Reef in mid-October, just after Hurricane Michael, off a boat and it was excellent. We were amazed at how fast recovery had progressed – you could hardly tell there had been a hurricane, except for a lot of new roofs and a lot fewer trailers (many of which got blown into the water).

I would also recommend the Biscayne National Park’s snorkel boat trip to the soft corals. It was also excellent, and good for beginning snorkelers as well.

Prices at places to stay were cheaper than usual and people were grateful we were giving them business.

The water temperature was quite warm.

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