What is the Snorkeling Like in Trinidad and Tobago?

By Judy
Does anyone have any information on what the snorkeling is like in Trinidad and Tobago? I am looking for a trip in March 2019. Thanks.

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Anonymous – Nov 21, 2018 – Experience Snorkeling in a Couple Areas on Tobago

Tobago is one of our favorite places to visit but it has not yet made our snorkeling best list. Our experiences are many there, but typically have been limited to Castara.

I will say that your experiences snorkeling will make it either a decent place to visit or one that slightly disappoints.

I had an experience personally out on Buccoo Reef that was pretty amazing relative to the amount of fish I saw. The waters were a little rough that day. But there was a phenomenal amount of rainbow fish of different varieties predominantly.

In Castara I have seen a few different varieties of fish (including schools of squid) along with the resident stingrays. Not something I would recommend to anyone, but a decent experience.

To give you some background, I have snorkeled St Lucia, Los Roques in Venezuela, Mexico, Turks and Caicos, St John, St Martin, Roatan, and a few other places. Roatan probably is our favorite.

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