Snorkeling Harbour Village Resort Bonaire November 2022

By David Gottlieb

Face of a Scrawled Filefish at Harbour Village Resort House Reef Bonaire
The face of a Scrawled Filefish

I just returned from Bonaire. I snorkeled in only one location, in front of the Harbour Village Resort, where I was staying. It was raining a few of the days so I didn’t go out on the dive boat to see any other spots.

Juvenile Spotted Drum Bonaire
Juvenile Spotted Drum

There is a very shallow remnant reef cluster right on the resort’s house beach. They have been regrowing coral on piles of coral rocks and metal frames. Based on the two year time span between my visits I can say progress is not too speedy. I do applaud their efforts.

Eye and gill of a Web Burrfish seen while snorkeling Harbour Village Resort in Bonaire
Eye and gill of a Web Burrfish seen while snorkeling at Harbour Village Resort Bonaire
Roughhead Blenny at Harbour Village Resort House Reef Bonaire
Roughhead Blenny

Despite the lack of different locations I managed to find a nice sampling of critters.

Whitespotted Filefish Bonaire
Whitespotted Filefish


  1. We are just so sad about Galen and Nicole’s Bonaire report (linked to above). Three days ago we booked three weeks in Bonaire and bought non-refundable airfare. Oh my. These pictures cheered us up a bit.

    I hope we can be pleasantly surprised.

    • You will be. They went in the rainy season. We have been there several times and recently this past summer. Bonaire is more a dive destination and like all islands good snorkel spots vary by season and time of day. Try a trip with SeaCow to Klein Bonaire. We have never been disappointed. The beach at Klein is not great but the taxi is very cheap. There is a building boom going on on the island which is sad to see.


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