1. The best snorkeling we found in Exuma Bahamas was on a boat excursion from the location of A-1 Water Taxi across the lot from the Government Dock. I am not sure if it was affiliated with A-1 or just using that dock.

    We stayed on the west coast and that was a bad choice for snorkeling. This is usually the windward side and water near the rental was just a shallow bonefishing flat.

    There might be some shore snorkeling on the east side, but we never checked it out.

  2. My wife and I spent nine days during spring break 2022 on Exuma. We explored the whole island north, south, east, and west. We explored very remote spots down deserted roads leading to open water. Everywhere we went the sand, water and beaches were wonderful. Best beaches I’ve seen (outside of Middle Caicos). But, no exceptional snorkeling anywhere.

    I’m an avid snorkeler and strong swimmer, so I live to explore the water. At one spot I was able to find many sand dollars. I think it was near Duck Cay.

    The beaches of Exuma are amazing. You go from one to the next saying “man I thought the last beach was amazing, they just keep getting better”. Highly recommend renting a car and exploring the island. Also, renting a boat and heading to Stocking Island for a day. Go into a trip to Exuma thinking, it’s all about the beaches.

    Another Exuma tip: Make dinner reservations.

    • Hi Tony, is there any good snorkeling at Stocking Island? My husband and I usually snorkel in the Florida Keys which is awesome! We were thinking of an Exumas trip (never been there) to rent a boat (my husband is a captain) and moor at some locations where we could snorkel off shore. Any suggestions?


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