Suggestions for St Thomas Snorkeling?

By Libby

We will be in St. Thomas for a week, mid-December 2022. We have booked one snorkel trip that will go to St. John. I am looking for other suggestions for St Thomas snorkeling from land and from boats. As I have a tendency to get sea sick in small boats, I need a stable, larger boat.

Also, if you have snorkeled off one of the beaches, were you able to find a secure place to store your stuff, e.g. beach towel, while in the water?

Thank you.


  1. I have not been there for 10 years, but back then the best snorkeling far and away was Secret Harbour. They also have a nice restaurant right there too.

  2. We were there on a family trip July 2022. Secret Harbour is where we stayed and it was nice. Magen’s Bay was also interesting, we saw tarpon feeding on schools of minnows there. Best to take the ferry from Red Hook to St. John for a day. Many great beaches with good snorkeling there – turtles, some barracuda, plenty of fish.

  3. We were on St John and St Thomas in January 2022. We’ve been going to St John for years, just passing through St Thomas on the way. This year we actually spent some time on St Thomas.

    We almost always snorkel from the beach (and we snorkel somewhere every day while there) and have never had a problem leaving our towels, etc. on the beach while we are in the water.

    On St Thomas the snorkeling at Secret Harbour was OK, but the best snorkeling was at Lindqvist Bay and Hull Bay. Both beaches are really nice, too. Hull Bay, on the north side of the island, is more of a locals’ beach. Lindqvist is near Red Hook.


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