Places to Stay for Muck Snorkeling in Lembeh Strait?

By Tom

After reading the wonderful post, we were looking for places to stay for muck snorkeling in Lembeh Strait on Sulawesi. We want to add that as a stop on our upcoming Indonesia snorkeling trip.

After contacting most of the dive resorts in the area only one, Lembeh Resort, recommended muck snorkeling.  All the other places said it’s not that interesting, critters are hard to see, not good for snorkelers.

We are looking for additional feedback on Lembeh muck snorkeling experiences and thoughts on places to stay that lead a good trip of this type.


  1. Try Dive into Lembeh, they have hot tubs on the bungalow decks, a great house reef, and they are snorkeler friendly, as well as more reasonable than the resort you mentioned. We spent a week there May 2023 and I seriously recommend it.

    • Thanks for the pointer. I reached out to Dive into Lembeh and they told me, “If you are into snorkeling then Lembeh may not be your best choice as not all dive sites are suitable for snorkeling.” That said, it sounds like you had a good time snorkeling there last year.


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