Has Anyone Used a Sony RX100 VII for Snorkeling Photography?

By Dave

We are in the market for a compact camera and housing for snorkeling. I have read the compact camera reviews on this site (very informative, nice work guys!) but was wondering if anyone has experience of using the Sony RX100 VII and the associated Ikelite housing, which accommodates the full zoom range of the camera? We are attracted by the autofocus qualities of this camera, including animal eye tracking, and were wondering if anyone out there has snorkeling experience with this model? Thanks in advance!


  1. I use a Sony RX V. I wish I spent a little more at the time and went with the VII. I use the Fantasea housing and I’m very happy. I love the Sony. I got set up by Blue Water Photo. If you go to their website they have review videos, including one on the VII. I buy everything from them because they are experts!

  2. Hi, I’ve had the RX100 VII since it was released. It’s been to Palau in January 2020 and Raja Ampat in November 2022.

    The tracking system is great. I set the focus area to Tracking: center. I haven’t tried the pet eye but maybe I will in Bunaken, Indonesia this year.

    The battery size is the biggest drawback. Since I suffer from FOMO I change the battery every time I get back in the boat. I could probably push it a bit by why risk it. I usually shoot still, rarely video.

    It is not great for macro. I think some other cases may have a mount for a macro adapter but my Ikelite does not. My husband has an Olympus TG6, which is great for macro, so we pretty much cover all bases between us.

    I do like the 200mm capability. I usually stay at the surface so the extra zoom range is very valuable.

    It’s a great little camera for land use as well though a slightly bigger body would be a little more ergonomic and make a slightly bigger battery possible.

    Hope this helps.

    • I have the RX100 VII and I bought a grip by Haoge to put on my Sony RX100 VII and it seems to help a fair amount with doing macro photography.

  3. I have the Sony RX100 VII and the Ikelite housing. With the Ikelite I also bought the left hand grip which makes holding the rig much better. I have only used it once in Hawaii but will be using it again in September and October.

    Previously I had snorkeled with a Canon Powershot and a generic housing and the visibility with the Canon was better in my humble opinion. Maybe it was just me and the conditions and will get a better opportunity later this month.

    I was able to luck upon a manta ray and got some great video clips snorkeling with the majestic animal. Later that same day I went on a night snorkel with manta rays and it performed well in low light. Here is a link to the video of the manta ray, it is on Facebook and it seems like the video quality has degraded over time but the original is still sharp.

  4. I have had a Sony RX100 in a Nauticam housing since their inception. It just died on me after 11 years. The battery life on those is far better than the later models (including the Rx100 VA). If you want to shoot macro, I would not recommend.

    I have never even contemplated the RX100VI or VII, as I have used mine as a “wide angle” camera and have a Kraken Dome for extremely wide.

    I carry a TG-6 with me as well and then feel like I have everything covered. If I’m just going in for macro, then I don’t take the RX100 with me at all!

    Hope that helps. The RX100 takes incredibly clear video and can be cropped for those macros and you still come up with some good quality images, but macro photography goes to the TG-6 hands down.


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