Has Anyone Snorkeled at Manta Island Resort in Glover’s Reef Atoll Belize?

By David Gottlieb

I am wondering if anyone has snorkeled at Manta Island Resort in Glover’s Reef Atoll Belize? It’s a pretty new all inclusive resort and looks promising. I’ve loved my several trips out to Slickrock at Long Caye but with a nine day minimum trip it’s no longer a good fit. See my trip report from there. This seems like a good alternative.

Thanks in advance for any information you have about the snorkeling from this resort.


  1. We stayed at Manta Island Resort last November for a week and it was amazing! The resort is very small and the service is over the top!

    The reef is in beautiful shape, healthy, vibrant colors and varieties. Sealife is abundant and varied. We snorkeled three times with nurse sharks. We arranged a private snorkel one afternoon, and totally enjoyed the freedom of having the boat follow us rather than needing to keep track of where we were.

    I was a little hesitant when we booked the resort as it is so far off the mainland, and so small, but quickly realized I’d worried for nothing. The boat that transported us from Hopkins was good sized, and the almost two hour ride was enjoyable. The island is very small, and we did have a couple of storms, but there wasn’t the claustrophobic feel I expected. Staff catered to our every request and we felt totally spoiled by the end of the week.

    We will definitely be planning a return trip as soon as possible!

  2. I have snorkeled at the Off the Wall Resort in Glover’s Reef Atoll, and the experience was amazing. You have to look at their website to see what an amazing, eco-conscious place it is. Plus I would gather that the pricing structure is completely different than the resort you are asking about. We did take a boat ride one day to see other islands along this atoll, though I don’t remember hearing about a high end resort?

    I have friends who are both scuba divers and snorkelers, and they have gone back year after year. They have daily snorkel trips and daily dive trips, so the snorkelers are not short changed at all. If you want more info about this place, I can certainly get it for you. But at least I can say that our experience on the Glover’s Reef Atoll was just a delight.

  3. We have stayed at the Off the Wall Resort on Glover’s Reef Atoll twice and our planning our third trip back. We are both scuba divers and snorkelers and have enjoyed both with the guides from OTW. Owners Kendra and Jim are good people and the eco resort is wonderful.


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