Watercolor Fish Paintings

By David Kinzer

I’ve long enjoyed snorkeling, and since retirement, I’ve taken up watercolor painting. My favorite subjects to paint are the fish that I see while snorkeling. I work from a photo, usually one that I took myself using a Canon G7X in an underwater housing. Here are some of my paintings.

Steephead Parrotfish Watercolor Painting
Steephead Parrotfish
Christmas Wrasse Watercolor Painting
Christmas Wrasse
Whitebar Surgeonfish Watercolor Painting
Whitebar Surgeonfish
Whitespine Surgeonfish Watercolor Painting
Whitespine Surgeonfish
Princess Parrotfish Watercolor Painting
Princess Parrotfish


  1. Thank you for sharing these watercolors. As a watercolorist too, I have often painted my favorite subjects – marine life! It is sad that so few people know all the beauty that can be seen underwater. It is very distressing that so much of it is disappearing for multiple reasons. My favorite snorkeling place used to be Bonaire, but it isn’t as good as it used to be. I hope the coral that was planted has survived and grown.


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