Seven Days of Snorkeling in Maui 2022

By David Kinzer

Just returned from Maui, where we had seven days of terrific snorkeling.

Green Sea Turtle in Maui

Our favorite snorkeling spot was Honolua Bay, where the shallow, clear water and abundance of fish felt like swimming in an aquarium. In one photo, I could identify 10 species.

Male Bullethead Parrotfish Maui
Maui Christmas Wrasse

Also good were Black Rock, and several beaches in South Maui.

School of Convict Tang in Maui

It was helpful to have open-heel fins and booties for getting in and out of the water, because some areas were rocky.

Male Spotted Trunkfish in Maui

I highly recommend getting the daily Snorkel Report from the Snorkel Store, which you can sign up to receive for free. Conditions on Maui can be vastly different on different sides of the island, and change from day to day. By viewing the report in the morning, you can avoid a wasted trip to a beach where conditions are poor (which we did the first day).

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  1. Thanks for the pictures and story of your Maui snorkeling trip. Sounds like you had a great time.

    In addition to the resource you mentioned for weather, we have a page about researching snorkeling weather. It makes a big difference to how much snorkeling you get in during a trip, and how fun and safe it is. Our when to snorkel Hawaii page also gives some tips on the best seasons to visit.

    And for anyone else looking to snorkel Maui, our eBook snorkeling guide is helpful.


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