Melbourne Australia Snorkeling – Seadragons

Seadragon with soft corals and algae at Portsea Pier Melbourne Australia
Seadragon at Portsea Pier in Melbourne, Australia

by Nikè
If you ever find yourself in Melbourne, Australia, there is beautiful snorkeling to be done. Anyone who has watched Blue Planet II might remember the absolutely stunning seadragons. Well, you’re practically guaranteed to see them at the Portsea Pier, although it really helps to have a guide with you to point them out. At first glance they look a lot like a small drifting piece of kelp.

The kelp gardens under the pier filter the light green, and it feels like swimming through a forest. Furthermore, the pylons are covered with the most colorful sponges, starfish, crabs, etc.

Lastly, bring a wetsuit + hood, because these are not tropical waters!

This website has provided me with so much useful information, I am happy to contribute a little something myself.

Have fun!

Many pufferfish in Melbourne Australia
Pufferfish Australia

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Nicole & Galen – Jul 12, 2019 – Thank You!

Hello Nike, thanks so much for sharing this wonderful tidbit of information with our snorkeling community! What a cool opportunity to see a most unique creature. Seadragons are relatives of seahorses, and it sounds like they are masters of camouflage. If we are ever in Melbourne, Australia, we will definitely check it out, in our cool water gear!

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