Absolute Beginners

Chub in shallow water over sandy bottom in the Caribbean
Chub spotted on our Caribbean snorkeling trip.

by Mick and Vanda Groom – (United Kingdom)
We are absolute beginners at snorkeling and we just came back from a cruise in the Caribbean and wanted to share our snorkeling adventures.

We visited Eden Rock in Grand Cayman, which was great except the day we were there the sea was really too rough for a good experience, but well worth a visit with plenty to see.

In Cozumel we snorkeled at Sky Reef where we saw plenty of brain and fan coral, an amazing fish tornado and notably a large barracuda.

Columbia was excellent, from Santa Marta we took a launch out to Tayrona National Park, and saw some amazing coral and plenty of fish varieties, including a huge grouper.

Finally we spent our last day at Dr. Cave’s in Jamaica, where just yards from the busy beach are trenches with coral, and an abundance of life, including lobsters, Southern Stingrays and parrotfish that swim alongside you!

We missed out at Cahuita in Costa Rica (bad planning). The sea is too powerful to go out from the beach, but there are tours that take you out to the Cahuita National Park. After checking this place out upon our return, we missed a trick there. I guess we’ll just have to go back!

We go to Egypt in 2020 and are planning to go away in September, probably the Mediterranean, to be confirmed.

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Nicole and Galen – May 27, 2019 – Wonderful!

Hello Mick and Vanda, thank you for sharing your first time snorkeling story with us. Sounds like you had quite the varied and great Caribbean snorkeling experience. We wish you many wonderful snorkeling adventures! Another site visitor shared some useful info about snorkeling from shore in Cozumel in case others want ideas.

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