Is Snorkeling Good When It Is Cloudy?

Is snorkeling good when it is cloudy? We are headed to St. John, USVI shortly for a once in a lifetime trip. The weather forecast looks awful with no sun for eight of the 10 days we will be there.

Is snorkeling still good without sun? The whole point of this trip was to show my children the most beautiful place I know and now I don’t know if it will be worth it to go.

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Nicole & Galen – Nov 12, 2015 – It Depends

Hello, very good question. And the answer is, it depends.

If it is lightly overcast and not too stormy, snorkeling can be very good. But if it is heavily overcast and dark out, it does decrease our enjoyment of snorkeling. The colors are more muted and you cannot see as far.

But if it is a good snorkeling spot you can enjoy it on a cloudy day if there is a lot to see. We would not cancel a snorkeling trip because of forecast clouds, unless the forecast also calls for high winds and rain for the entire trip.

It is advisable to look at weather websites to plan your snorkeling outings for the best conditions. Read more on our weather page.

Adam Thompson – Nov 12, 2015 – Still Good

In my experience, you see just as much cool stuff when it’s cloudy, it’s just that the colors won’t be as vibrant. I certainly wouldn’t cancel a trip due to cloudy weather.

John – Nov 12, 2015 – Sometimes Even Better

When it’s overcast but windless, we find it easier to spot the Manta Ray “wings” breaking the surface which improves our chances of swimming with them. Also, although the colors are not as vivid, the lack of shadows oftentimes results in fish, eels, etc. remaining in the open longer. Good luck!

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