Great Snorkeling Spots in Martinique?

By Elsa – (Atlanta, GA, USA)
I am interested in finding great snorkeling spots in Martinique.

Many years after so many storms and the rise in temperature issues, I am still disappointed in the slow recovery of so many previously good snorkeling sites in Caribbean.

I’m hoping that Martinique, being so far south, still has some healthy reef coral areas. I will be there in late January, 2019. Any suggestions?

Thank you.

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Anonymous – Jan 6, 2019 – Martinique Snorkel Spots

Snorkeling Martinique:

East side of the island:
– Anse Dufour – turtles
– Anse Noire – turtles
– Anse d’Arlet

South side of the island:
– Anse Borgnèse
– Anse Figuier

North side of the island:
– Anse Céron
– Anse Couleuvre

Elsa – Feb 7, 2019 – What I Experienced Snorkeling Martinique

I went on my trip and here is my experience snorkeling Martinique. Martinique is on the Caribbean Sea/Atlantic Ocean barrier, so the waters don’t seem as warm and are not protected from major ocean “storms”.

Additionally, I was told that the government does not police or protect the reef or cave areas. Thus, local fishermen routinely harvest (trap, net, and line fishing) the best areas resulting in a comparatively “thin” community of larger fish and other sea life.

That said, any day diving or snorkeling is a good day. I guess my expectations were just too high having been “spoiled” by good areas deeper in the Caribbean Sea that are protected by the locals or the government yielding lots of color, species and sizes of coral, fish and other sea life.

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