Carrie Bow Caye, Belize Snorkel Trip Report

Indigo Hamlet, Carrie Bow Caye Belize
Indigo Hamlet

By David Kinzer – (Wisconsin)
In November 2018, I had the good fortune to snorkel for three days in the vicinity of Carrie Bow Caye, about 15 miles southeast of Dangriga, Belize.

I’m no coral expert, but the reefs appeared to be in good shape, with no bleached areas.

The fish were abundant, equally as good as Maui I’d say, though not as colorful. We saw many rays too. I have included three pictures of the fish we saw there.

Squirrelfish over rocks and coral at Carrie Bow Caye Belize
Yellow Stingray over rocks in Carrie Bow Caye Belize
Yellow Stingray

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Nicole & Galen – Dec 2, 2018 – Nice, Thanks!

Hi David, nice to hear you had great snorkeling around Carrie Bow Caye in Belize. We snorkeled that area too from our catamaran charter. Our experience and pictures are on this page.

Thank you for sharing!

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