Snorkeling with Giant Cuttlefish, South Australia

Giant Australian Cuttlefish over algae Point Lowly South Australia
Giant Australian Cuttlefish

By Barb Leopold – (Adelaide, Australia)
Every year the Giant Australian cuttlefish, Sepia apama, aggregate to breed at the top of Spencer Gulf at a place called Point Lowly, South Australia. Only during the winter months can this spectacle be observed, and every year is variable – some years there are thousands of cuttlefish, some years not so many.

I made the trek up there (about 300km from my home) this May and spent a (cold) weekend snorkeling with them. I was amazed at their size – approximately 30cm long and the way their colors flickered and changed. The males put on a show for the females and are oblivious to divers and snorkelers, so it was easy to float above them and observe.

I have only been snorkeling since late last year, so this was an exceptional experience for me. I hope to go again before the end of this breeding season – otherwise I will have to wait a whole year until the next event!

Two Giant AustralianCcuttlefish over algae in South Australia
Pair of Giant Australian Cuttlefish
Brown colored cuttlefish over rocks and algae South Australia
Quick Color Changers!

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Nicole & Galen – Jul 8, 2017 – Thank You!

Barb, thank you so much for sharing this story and great pictures with us and our readers. What a cool opportunity and awesome creatures!

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