Snorkeling Tres Cocos – Very Shallow and Full of Sea Life


Snorkeling Tres Cocos is interesting. This spot is often combined with Mexico Rocks into one trip by the snorkel boat companies based out of Ambergris Caye in Belize.

Unlike Mexico Rocks, which is between the barrier reef and Ambergris, Tres Cocos is actually on the inside of the barrier reef.

It is very shallow snorkeling, averaging 4-8 feet deep. We saw many more fish here than at Mexico Rocks, and there were lots of Elkhorn Coral and large Brain Coral.

Snorkeling Tres Cocos - Elkhorn coral with a school of grunts below
Sea Rod at Tres Cocos

We experienced a decent amount of ocean current while snorkeling Tres Cocos. In fact, the boat dropped us off at the north end and we swam with the current towards the south, doing a drift snorkel. Then, the boat came and picked us up so that we did not have to fight the current back. We have often found that you can experience stronger currents in shallow areas like this.

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What We Saw While Snorkeling Tres Cocos

We saw a good number of fish, like the big school of grunts at the top of the page and the smaller Bluehead Wrasse and juvenile parrotfish below. We did not see large fish here though.

As for corals we saw hard corals like brain coral and Elkhorn Coral and we also found a nice variety of soft corals and fans at Tres Cocos.

Bluehead Wrasse and juvenile parrotfish with corals at Tres Cocos Belize
Brain coral at Tres Cocos

Tres Cocos is so close to San Pedro that it is a pretty quick boat trip, and well worth doing. It is easy to recommend.

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