Snorkeling Mexico Rocks – Patch Reef Good for Beginners


Snorkeling Mexico Rocks is great, and it is only a short boat ride out of the town of San Pedro on Ambergris Caye in Belize. It is located about one third of the way up the coast of Ambergris Caye.

Snorkelers at Mexico Rocks Belize
Nurse shark swimming away at Mexico Rocks

And unlike many of the snorkeling spots in the area that are right on the barrier reef, Mexico Rocks is a star coral patch that is located in the shallow waters midway between the reef and the island.

The Mexico Rocks trip is usually combined with another stop, most often Tres Cocos. And it is easy to recommend these spots for snorkelers, since they are both in perfect depths.

The snorkeling at Mexico Rocks is very shallow, with a maximum depth of only about 12 feet. And since this area is well inside the reef, it is protected from the bigger ocean swells, making it an excellent beginner’s snorkeling spot. But even experienced snorkelers will find this spot enjoyable.

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What We Saw While Snorkeling Mexico Rocks

Although we did not see a lot of larger fish, we saw many immature fish. We also spotted a turtle sailing away as we arrived. And we did not see many turtles in Belize at all, so that was a treat. We did see our first huge lobster here, as well as a nurse shark gliding away.

Lobster under a rock at Mexico Rocks
Sea Rod at Mexico Rocks

Because it is a shallow area, the sun lights everything up, and the good underwater visibility is excellent for taking pictures.

We found lots of soft corals while snorkeling Mexico Rocks, including sea fans and sea rods. We also saw star corals, fire coral and a variety of sponges to take snaps of.

Small fire  and soft corals at Mexico Rocks
Snorkeling Mexico Rocks - patch reef with corals and fish

Foggy Masks, Fin Blisters and Angry Snorkels!

Poorly fitting, cheap gear, can ruin your trip. See our snorkeling equipment reviews and fitting suggestions to make sure your next trip is great.

Gray Angelfish over sea grass at Mexico Rocks

We recommend snorkeling at Mexico Rocks. It is easy to find a boat operator from Ambergris Caye that visits this area.

School of grunts at Mexico Rocks

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