Snorkeling Komandoo Maldives

By Christine Pacione

Here are some pictures I took while snorkeling Komandoo Maldives.

Clown Triggerfish I saw while snorkeling Komandoo Maldives
Clown Triggerfish

My husband and I have been visiting the Maldives since 2001. We have stayed at a number of different resorts but our favorite is Komandoo. This year (2023) was our 10th visit to the island.

Porcupine Ray Komandoo House Reef
Porcupine Ray
Black Pyramid Butterflyfish, Red-tooth Triggerfish and snappers on the Komandoo Resort House Reef
Black Pyramid Butterflyfish

When my husband dives I snorkel on the magnificent house reef. I have photographed many different types of fish (113 this year) and have watched some interesting behavior, including a moray eel hunting with a lyre-tailed coral grouper.

Porcupinefish Komandoo Maldives
Oriental Sweetlips, Humpback Snapper, and Powderblue Surgeonfish in the background at Komandoo
Oriental Sweetlips and Humpback Snapper


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