Snorkeling Bahamas – Walker’s Cay & West End, Grand Bahama

Soft and hard coral reef, Walker's Cay Bahamas
Healthy Coral Reef – Walker’s Cay, Bahamas

By Susan Barker – (Delray Beach, FL)
Last September my husband and I went snorkeling in the northern Bahamas at Walker’s Cay and West End, Grand Bahama. We sailed over in our 38 foot boat and spent several days in each location taking pictures and videos with our Intova and Liquid Image snorkeling masks.

Walker’s Cay has some of the most beautiful reefs we have seen with an incredible amount of soft coral covering almost every inch of the giant coral formations which rise up 20-30 feet from the sandy ocean floor to within five feet of the surface. Walker’s used to have a world famous resort but it was decimated about seven years ago by a series of hurricanes and has not been rebuilt. Now the only way to see the reefs is either to fly to Grand Bahama, find a way to Grand Cays and hire a boat or go there with your own boat.

We also found some incredible snorkeling just off West End, Grand Bahama which most people (even boaters) are unaware of.

Elkhorn Coral Walker's Cay Bahamas
Elkhorn Coral, Walker’s
Coral reef formation Walker's Cay Bahamas
Coral Formation, Walker’s

We hope to sail back to the Abacos Islands in spring and take lots of snorkeling pics and videos this time.

We have been snorkeling for over 40 years and we have recently visited and extensively snorkeled Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire, St. Thomas, Akumal and other spots in the Mexican Riviera.

Here is a video of snorkeling Walker’s Cay, Bahamas:

Here is a video of snorkeling West End, Grand Bahama.

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Al – Feb 2, 2013 – WOW!!

This was such a pleasure to watch and it makes me so homesick to be in the water again. I think it would be such a wonderful way to spend your life, sailing and snorkeling. So beautiful. THANK YOU for sharing!

Susan – Feb 3, 2013 – Wow Too!!

That was a beautiful video and the way you laid it out was great. Thanks again.

Donna – Feb 15, 2013 – Beautiful

Beautiful blue colors, relaxing music. This video really makes us remember how much we love to snorkel. Thank you for sharing!

Cary Bennett – Jun 4, 2013 – Gorgeous!!!

The water clarity is just stunning! OK, one more spot to add to the list!

Steve – Apr 5, 2015 – Awesome

That reef looks awesome. I was not aware West End had that nice of a snorkeling reef. I will have to find out where that is in relation to West End.

Thanks for the video.

Anonymous – Sep 8, 2016 – Paradise Cove

I highly recommend Paradise Cove on the west end of Grand Bahama. They will pick you up at your hotel and you can snorkel all day for $40.00. Walk-out snorkeling with a large number of sea turtles, multiple types of stingrays and fish galore. We absolutely loved every minute of our time there and we went twice. Currently planning this year’s trip and Paradise Cove is on top of the list.

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