Snorkeling at Kusu Island, Indonesia

By Christine Pacione

My husband and I traveled to Kusu Island, Indonesia in June 2023. It took us four days to get there from Scotland but as my husband always says, “It’s worth it when you get there!”

Juvenile Javanese Damselfish I saw while snorkeling at Kusu Island
Juvenile Javanese Damselfish

He is a diver and dived daily while I was snorkeling at Kusu Island, in the lagoon in front of our water bungalow.

Blue-girdled Angelfish at Kusu Island Indonesia
Blue-girdled Angelfish

Using my trusty Canon Powershot D30 I was able to photograph lots of sealife, some endemic to the Indo Pacific area, including a juvenile Javanese Damselfish, the magnificent Blue-girdled Angelfish, a Blackpatch Triggerfish and a Palette Surgeonfish.

Blackpatch Triggerfish Kusu Island
Blackpatch Triggerfish

From my photos I was able to identify 86 different fish though, of course, there were many more which I was unable to capture.

Palette Surgeonfish at Kusu Island
Palette Surgeonfish

Kusu Island Resort is truly a special place.

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  1. Christine, thank you for sharing your pictures and story of snorkeling at Kusu Island! We snorkeled that house reef and loved it too.

    We snorkeled a number of spots nearby the resort there that were simply spectacular. You can read all about our experience snorkeling Halmahera here.

    If anyone is interested in joining a snorkeling specific group tour that stays at Kusu Island Resort and takes boat trips out to the nearby reefs, our partner offers a couple options: 11 days at the resort, and a combo trip that also includes snorkeling in Raja Ampat and Bunaken.


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