Information About Snorkeling Guadeloupe?

By Mamie – (Highland, NY, USA)
Does anyone have any information to share about snorkeling Guadeloupe? Is there off the beach snorkeling? Where are the best places?


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Sandy Beach – Mar 3, 2019 – Great Scenery, OK Snorkeling

We spent a week visiting Guadeloupe and were a little disappointed in conditions. We shore snorkeled Plage Leroux on Basse-Terre and St Anne on Grande-Terre, and mostly saw parrotfish, tang, and other Caribbean staples, and unhealthy coral.

We rented a kayak at the Cousteau Reserve to go out to the (very) nearby islands, and again saw less than we’d hoped.

We also did a day-long excursion to Petit-Terre, an uninhabited, protected island that was fun and would have been better if we’d done some homework on exactly where to snorkel.

Overall, though, we loved Guadeloupe, especially the lush, mountainous Basse-Terre, and the potential for good snorkeling is there; if we go again, I’ll do more research in advance and maybe hire a guide.

Mamie – Mar 4, 2019 – Thank you

Thanks for the feedback on Guadeloupe!

Gary – Apr 3, 2019 – Guadeloupe

We rented a kayak, took some lunch and went out to the Pigeon Islands, about a 20 minute kayak or a five minute boat ride. You could snorkel all around the islands, be careful.

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