Has Anyone Snorkeled Red Hill on a Big Island Boat Tour?

By Steve Colvin

Has anyone snorkeled Red Hill on a Big Island boat tour? We are visiting the Big Island Hawaii (Kona) in September 2024, and want to include a snorkeling boat tour among our snorkeling days. We did the Fair Wind Kealakekua Captain Cook Monument years ago, and enjoyed it, but are also looking at the Body Glove tour that goes to Red Hill. I don’t even see that area in the Big Island Snorkeling Guide, and I have read differing reports in online reviews. Is Red Hill a worthwhile snorkeling site?

Thank you.


  1. Hi Steve, while it has been a number of years ago now, we snorkeled Red Hill as the second spot after Captain Cook on a boat tour. From what we remember it was very deep, so the reef was too far away for good snorkeling. If you freedive you could get closer to the reef and see some stuff, but as a snorkeler who stays at the surface, we did not really see much or enjoy it.

    Hopefully others have some more recent experiences to share.

  2. I live on the Big Island and just went to the Red Hill site. If you just want a nice swim it is fine but the snorkeling is poor. Try other sites.


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