Get Help With Fish Identification on iNaturalist

Did you know you can get help with fish identification on I want to encourage everyone to post your fish photos to It’s a citizen scientist website that is affiliated with the California Academy of Science. Not only could your photos help nature researchers, but posting can help you identify what you saw. When you post your photo, there is a drop down that will give possible identifications of what you saw. If that still doesn’t help, you can post with an open identification and others on the site, some of whom are naturalists or researchers of that particular genus or species, might help you with identification.

I’ve learned a lot from posting my observations. Everyone on the site is very friendly and welcoming. They can help educate you as well.

I highly recommend everyone to get an account at Once you have an account you can share your photos.

Disclosure – I have no affiliation with the website other than being a user and donor. is a non-profit organization.

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Nicole & Galen – Mar 26, 2020 – Thank You!

Juli, thank you for the suggestion of another source of fish identification on the internet.

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