Fins for Feet With Hammer Toes?

By Ann Hicks

I am wondering if anyone can recommend snorkeling fins for feet with hammer toes. My toes are bent downward so that when my feet are flat they bend up away from the floor. After a few minutes, I swim in pain every time I’m in the water… but I love to swim!

I would think snorkeling fins with a large toe-box would be helpful, or maybe there is another solution.

Thank you for any suggestions.


  1. Hi Ann, I’ve been a serious snorkeler and shallow water freediver for around 40 years now and have found a few tricks to help with my cavus feet (very high arch and hammer toes combined). I find the most comfortable fins are full foot floating eyeline ‘pool fins’, made in Malaysia, of a very soft and pliable rubber. To make these even better I incorporate neoprene socks and sometimes two pairs of thin socks is better than one pair of thicker socks.

    I’ve also tried a pair of thin socks with the toe section cut off of a second pair worn underneath over just the front part of my toes and forefoot. This last option has lasted and give me the best results so far.

    To take the pressure off the toes I go up a size or two and with the sock combination and a pair of ‘fin-keepers’ this seems to work for me.

    Good luck.

  2. I have a pair of the Force Fins Slim Fins and they have an open toe design. Very comfortable and I have been a fan of their fins for years.

    I recommend you also get their comfort instep pad if wearing them barefoot, or size up appropriately if wearing a booty. They are not cheap, but are polyurethane and last almost forever.


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