Eleuthera, Bahamas Snorkeling?

by Steve – (New Smyrna Beach, FL)
Does anyone know about Eleuthera, Bahamas snorkeling? We are thinking about spending a week-long family (four adults and two teenagers) vacation there in spring 2016. I would like any information about snorkeling experiences there.

We have snorkeled in many areas of the Caribbean including the Abacos, Bahamas and the Cayman Islands.


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David – Jun 22, 2015 – Very Disappointing

I visited Eleuthera five or six times when a Club Med was located there. Snorkeling was pretty good off the Club Med Beach. Several areas off Governors Harbor were fair to good.

I returned there two years ago with my children and grandchildren. There were virtually no fish to be seen anywhere off any of the beach snorkels we tried. Perhaps there are some good boat dives but we only attempted beach entries.

Rob – Oct 31, 2015 – North Central Caribbean Side: Usual Fish, Interesting Plants

In May 2015 I had a very brief visit to Eleuthera, Bahamas near Rainbow Bay Beach, on the north central part of the island.

Our only snorkeling was on the Caribbean side, although I visited several gorgeous Atlantic-side beaches.

The bay had lots of the usual Caribbean fishes, such as French Grunts, and plenty of Sergeant Majors. There was healthy coral.

Near our rental home, rocky iron-shore coves were fascinating to explore. These offered a few small healthy corals and juvenile Sergeant Majors, but best of all was a large variety of beautiful aquatic plants growing on the rock walls and shore bottom.

All in all, a worthwhile snorkeling trip – not as spectacular as, say, Rum Point on Grand Cayman, but plenty of beauty. I would go back at a less mosquito-intense time of year.

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