1. Here are my suggestions for snorkeling Mazatlan.

    I have shore snorkeled at Isla de Los Venados, both north and south of the nice beach that the boats drop you off at. It isn’t going to knock your socks off but it is a pleasant enough place to spend a day.

    There aren’t any corals there like there is across the Sea of Cortez in the Cabos but there are quite a few sea fans and some areas are nicely carpeted in Palythoa polyps. There are pieces of dead Pocillopora verucosa coral in the rocks on the bottom so there must be a few coral heads around.

    There is a fairly decent amount of fishes at Isla de Los Venados though. Lots of tangs, damsels, Cortez Chub, and pufferfish. I also saw a few Barberfish, Eastern Pacific Banded Butterflyfish, Cortez Angelfish, and Moorish Idols.

    This was also the first place that I’d snorkelled with a curious Octopus that wasn’t trying to hide from me.

    Definitely bring snacks as there wasn’t any food for sale. There were a couple of guys with coolers selling cold pop, beer, and water though.

    Another spot that I’ve tried in Mazatlan during a very calm day is the rocks in front of Valentino’s Disco. I saw lots of Sergeant Majors, Blue Damsels, and puffers.

    All in all, Mazatlan is certainly not a snorkeling destination but if you are going there on vacation anyways then why not take the boat over to Isla de Los Venados. Mediocre snorkeling is 100% better than not going snorkeling at all!


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