Amazing Papua New Guinea, but What About Snorkeling?

By Ann Cabot

We want to visit Papua New Guinea (PNG) for its land features and village cultures and also want to do some snorkeling.

We’ve done extensive research and there doesn’t seem to be much infrastructure for snorkeling. It’s by boat and where divers go. And not all that safe. We have checked Tufi Resort, Tawali Resort, and Walindi Resort.

We’d love to hear from other folks who have done it or know how to.


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  1. I’ve snorkeled from Tufi Resort and loved it, despite it being the windy season and a little wavy at times. The house reef in the fjord is very interesting, and the corals and sea grasses are quite amazing, and rather different to other places I’ve been.

    Short boat trips take you to other snorkeling spots in the fjords, and there are also boat trips to the outer reefs that offer good snorkeling experiences.

    I have a video of snorkeling Tufi Resort’s house reef on YouTube.


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