10 Days of Maui Snorkeling

By Kristen & Keith – (California)
We just got back from our Maui trip and the Maui Snorkeling Guide eBook we purchased from you was extremely helpful! Such a detailed guide… the best parking locations, where the best snorkeling is from each beach, how good each snorkeling spot is, and what you actually see at each spot. And the pictures from the guide are most helpful… even the “boring” ones like the parking lot pictures… those are very helpful actually. We knew exactly where to go and if we were in the right spot just by looking at the picture.

We stayed in Wailea, so we mostly snorkeled at all the places in that area, but we did snorkel at Honolua Bay which we really enjoyed. We saw a huge Manta Ray there. That was awesome! He hung out for awhile in the bay and enjoyed being cleaned by the fish.

But our two favorite places to snorkel had to be Po’olenalena Beach and ‘Ahihi Bay. Soooo many turtles at Po’olenalena… we spent a couple of hours just swimming with the turtles, watching them rest under rocks, and watching them get cleaned by Brown Surgeonfish. And ‘Ahihi Bay had the largest variety and most interesting fish. There were so many different nooks and crannies to explore there. We actually saw many of the more unique fish at Po’olenalena too. I think my favorite fish I saw was the Redlip Parrotfish… and watching him scrape the coral… and I like the colorful Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse too. My husband’s favorite was the brightly colored Christmas Wrasse.

Besides the Manta Ray and turtles, one of the coolest things we saw was a Zebra Eel stalking and attacking a little red crab. We hovered over and watched while the eel lunged at the crab, flipped it over, and began trying to eat it. Then we watched as the little crab fought his way out of there and scurried off away from the eel. It was intriguing to see.

We took a bunch of pictures. We recently bought the Canon D20 and it’s been a great underwater camera. We have some really great photos from our trip. And we refer to your fish guide in the eBook so we know what we are looking at.

We have only taken two snorkeling trips so far, so we aren’t experts by any means, but we have fallen in love with it. And we plan to take more trips as soon as we can. This was our first Maui trip… we previously went to north shore Oahu. I love just being out there in the water exploring!

Thanks again for your awesome guide!

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Galen & Nicole – Nov 23, 2012 – Thank You!

Thank you for your praise of our Maui Snorkeling Guide eBook. It is great to hear how useful you found those “boring” pictures. We figured it was what we would want to see.

What a great bunch of creatures you saw too! The underwater world is so fantastic. We once saw an eel catch and eat a crab on Bonaire too. Pretty amazing.

Good to hear that the Canon D20 is working for you, too.

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