Snorkeling Lawai Beach
Swim With The Fishes

Kauai, Hawaii

Snorkeling Lawai Beach is popular and an easy spot to access. We have seen it busy with tour groups brought in by van; they are often using the snuba apparatus. And even though this spot can be crowded it has lots of fish to see. Because of the protecting reef off this beach it can be a good beginner spot as long as the south swell is not high.

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Snorkeling Lawai Beach - Snuba Tour Group

At low tide there is a decent sized beach on the left side; but at high tide it almost disappears. The shoreline next to the road is reinforced with lava boulders and there are small rocks everywhere on the beach. The further you go to the right the beach becomes coral shelf.

Snorkeling Lawai Beach

Beach House Beach grassy area for lounging

Lawai is also known as Beach House Beach, after the restaurant that sits on the left side of the beach overlooking the ocean. Around the restaurant is a raised park with grass and a walkway near the water’s edge, so this is a nice place to hang out if it is high tide and the beach is underwater.

The Lawa’i Beach Resort is across the street behind the beach.

Water Entrance For Snorkeling Lawai Beach

Snorkeling Lawai Beach with school of Convict Tang

You can enter the water in bare feet, just watch for the rocks in the sand. Enter anywhere along the sand.

Where To Snorkel

When snorkeling Lawai Beach you are in the little bay between the beach and the protective reef. Like most places, the visibility gets better the farther out you swim, and the coral that is dead or non-existent closer starts to become more healthy as you swim out toward the protective reef.

Snorkeling Lawai Beach with colorful tropical fish

You come to Lawai Beach to see many fish in a lot of variety, and they are all through the bay. You might also be lucky enough to see a turtle. If you are interested in topography and reef, swim along the left side rocks below the restaurant and along the inner edge of the outer reef, but don’t expect too much. As always, watch for currents at all times. The depths here range from 3 to 15 feet.

What We Saw Snorkeling Lawai Beach

Bluespine Unicornfish at Lawai Beach
Drummers at Lawai Beach
Snorkeling Lawai Beach with the fishes

There are many urchins in the dead reef here. It seems like the fish are being or have been fed here because they are not afraid. We saw quite a few and in good variety:


  • Butterflyfish: Raccoon, Threadfin
  • Coris, Yellowtail
  • Drummer, Gray (Rudderfish)
  • Gregory, Hawaiian
  • Hawkfish, Stocky
  • Moorish Idol
  • Parrotfish: Palenose, Redlip
  • Sergeant, Indo-Pacific
  • Surgeonfish, Ringtail
  • Tang, Convict
  • Unicornfish, Bluespine
  • Wrasse: Bird, Hawaiian Cleaner, Rockmover, Saddle

Small patches of the following corals:

  • Blue Rice
  • Lobe
  • Mound
  • Thick Finger

Other Creatures:

  • Sea Urchin: Blue-Black, Pale Rock-Boring

Want To See Both Fish And Corals?

It's great to see all the fish snorkeling Lawai Beach, but there are a few spots on Kauai where you can see both a healthy reef and fish. Find all of those spots in our Kauai Snorkeling Guide eBook.

Driving Directions

1. From Hwy 50 (Kaumuali’i Hwy) head south on Hwy 520 (Maluhia Road) follow this into Koloa.

2. Turn right on Koloa Road.

3. Turn left on Po’ipu Road.

4. Follow Po’ipu Road to the traffic circle where you will take your second right onto Lawa’i Road.

5. You will pass three roads on your left and just after the third is the Prince Kuhio Park on the right and the small PK’s beach on your left. Keep going and just past the Kuhio Shores Condos and Prince Kuhio condos is Lawa’i Beach, right in front of the Beach House Restaurant. The parking is on the right across the street from the beach.

Lawai Beach Parking and Facilities

There are restrooms, drinking water, showers, and some shade in the park by the restaurant.



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