Where to Snorkel With Kids the First Time in Oahu?

By Kathryn
We are going to Oahu with two kids and none of us have snorkeled before… I am a big chicken and like the idea of snorkeling close to shore. Where do you recommend we snorkel? We will have a rental car.

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Galen & Nicole – Dec 06, 2009 – Kids and First Time Snorkelers in Oahu

Hi Kathryn, snorkeling for your first time in Oahu is going to be a life changing experience. I can still remember my first time snorkeling as a child, and it was in Oahu at Hanauma Bay. And I think that is a great place for you to start at. You can get equipment and lessons there if you like. It is a very protected bay, and an excellent spot for beginners to learn at. Plus you will see tons of beautiful fish. Be sure to go early though both for parking and crowds.

Or, if you are on the west side, another good beginner spot would be the Ko Olina Lagoons. They are very protected and good spots to learn.

You won’t see a lot of coral at these spots, but you should see a number of fish, maybe some turtles, and have a great time without being in very open water.

Happy snorkeling!

Susan Hopkins – Mar 19, 2010 – Turtle Bay Might Work for You

Try the beach at Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore. It is a nice beach, in a shallow protected bay, and the best part, a nice beach-side restaurant for lunch. And restrooms!

Once you feel comfortable in the water, you can go farther out where there is more to see. The parking may have a fee, but we have never had a problem with that. Might be best to avoid weekends.

Michael Silver – Nov 17, 2012 – Good Snorkeling Spots With Kids on Oahu

Hanauma Bay is a good spot, though it can be very crowded… Sharks Cove on the North Shore is an excellent venue. There is open water (within the cove) as well as a lot of very shallow water, well protected, no current, where you’ll encounter lots of fish and small, tidal pool creatures. It’s not too far from Hale’iwa Town, so you can get some lunch, shave ice, and some souvenirs as well! Enjoy!

Galen & Nicole – Nov 25, 2012 – North Shore Winter Issues for Beginners and Kids

We wanted to add to the comments from site visitors that the two North Shore locations mentioned, Turtle Bay Resort/Kuilima Cove and Sharks Cove are seasonal. The North Shore is famous for its huge surfing waves in the winter and when this is happening NO ONE, let alone a beginner, will want to even be in the water. Please educate yourself with our snorkeling tips and our when to snorkel Hawaii information.

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